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Citrine Quartz Necklace On Silver Chain - Small
Handcrafted from exquisite nappa orange leather by skilled artisans, it adds a vibrant elegance to your keyring.
Sold outLuxurious blend infused with Brazilian rainforest elixir that provides your skin rejuvenation and illumination. Packed in 100 ml white bottle.
Lua Moonlight Body Oil Sale price$100.00
Citrine Faceted Bracelet - 8mm
Short Incense Sticks - Woven BoughShort Incense Sticks - Woven Bough
Sold outNatural, aluminum free deodorant provides long lasting freshness and odor protection. Packed in 50ml bottle and white box with minimalistic golden details.
Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee SquaresMilk Chocolate Almond Toffee Squares
Cooling Lip TherapyCooling Lip Therapy
Cooling Lip Therapy Sale price$23.00
Extra-Long Matches - White + LichenExtra-Long Matches - White + Lichen
Petite Candle - Paeonia Cherry (X)Petite Candle - Paeonia Cherry (X)
Kunzite Necklace On Silver Chain - Large
Rose Quartz Bracelet - 8mm
Rose Quartz Bracelet - 8mm Sale price$125.00
Antioxidant Face Gel + Serum DuoAntioxidant Face Gel + Serum Duo
Antioxidant Face Gel + Serum Duo Sale priceFrom $29.00
Smokeless incense sticks releasing aromatic scents, while inducing a calming effect, all without producing visible smoke. Packed in a light grey box.Smokeless Incense - Calm
Smokeless Incense - Calm Sale price$48.00
This off-white Candle Lighter covered in a luxurious croc-embossed calfskin leather is a perfect match for your candles, especially those that are hard to reach with the usual lighter, making an elegant addition to any space in your home.Leather-Wrapped Candle Lighter - Dust Golf
Sold outCalming Bath Soak
Calming Bath Soak Sale price$35.00
Handcrafted from exquisite nappa light brown leather by skilled artisans, this Nodo Paperweight makes a stylish and functional addition to your workspace.
Energizing Lip TherapyEnergizing Lip Therapy
Energizing Lip Therapy Sale price$23.00
Motli Lighter - Linen
Motli Lighter - Linen Sale price$45.00
La Petite Bougie - ErnestoLa Petite Bougie - Ernesto
A luminous crystal wand, known for its soothing energy and ability to cleanse and purify spaces, help with improvement of mental and spiritual wellbeing.Selenite Stick
Selenite Stick Sale price$55.00
Sold outRetinol Night SerumRetinol Night Serum
Retinol Night Serum Sale price$59.00
Sold outAgave Incense Holder - Satin BrassAgave Incense Holder - Satin Brass
This exceptional square grey tray has the hard base and flexible sides that can be adapted to your preferred arrangement, and covered in the finest calfskin makes a both functional and decorative piece for any space at home.
Love Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - GreenLove Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - Green
Handcrafted from exquisite black nappa leather by skilled artisans, it adds a classic elegance to your keyring.
Petite Candle - Lys Magicus (IX)Petite Candle - Lys Magicus (IX)
Hyaluronic Acid SerumHyaluronic Acid Serum
Hyaluronic Acid Serum Sale price$55.00
(Aime) Probiotic Deodorant
This soothing eye pillow combines natural scents with relaxing muscles around eyes, featuring delicate aesthetics in emerald green linen.Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Emerald Linen
Moisturizing solution suitable for all body types. Packed in a sleek white tube for easy application.Creme Para O Corpo
Creme Para O Corpo Sale priceFrom $55.00
Les Belles Matieres - MaduraïLes Belles Matieres - Maduraï
Sold outDark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Toffee SquaresDark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Toffee Squares
Love Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - HerringboneLove Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - Herringbone
Sold outEnergizing aromatherapy oil blend for invigorating baths and showers. Infused with revitalizing essential oils to awaken the senses and promote a fresh start to your day.Revive Morning Bath and Shower Oil packed in 55 ml sleek matte bottle.
A purifying bundle of white sage, traditionally used for smudging and energy cleansing. Its aromatic essence is known for restoring balance, purifying the air, and creating a serene atmosphere.White Sage Wand
White Sage Wand Sale price$25.00
A selected blend of essential oils designed to improve concentration and clarity. Packed in 5 ml, portable roll-on bottle.Essential Oil Roll-On - Focus
Cleopatra's Body ScrubCleopatra's Body Scrub
Cleopatra's Body Scrub Sale price$85.00
Balancing Collagen CreamBalancing Collagen Cream
Balancing Collagen Cream Sale price$195.00
Blemish Gel
Blemish Gel Sale price$39.00
Extra-Long Matches - CeladonExtra-Long Matches - Celadon
Clarifying Facial PolishClarifying Facial Polish
Clarifying Facial Polish Sale price$65.00
Sunstone Faceted Bracelet - 8mm
La Petite Bougie - OdalisqueLa Petite Bougie - Odalisque
Coconut Body PolishCoconut Body Polish
Coconut Body Polish Sale price$48.00
This lip balm contains castor oil and hydrating ricinoleic acid, soothes and heals cracked lips for a revitalized appearance.The Balm
The Balm Sale price$20.00
This natural, aluminum-free, and gentle deodorant doesn't irritate and soothes sensitive and dry skin.
Handcrafted from exquisite nappa brown leather by skilled artisans, it adds a classic elegance to your keyring.