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Grayson De Vere

Grayson De Vere is a design studio + purveyor of inspirationally sourced and internationally sought-after Interior Elements.

Our Home + Wellness Boutique, GDV i.e., offers a carefully curated collection of Elements gathered from around the world as well as custom furnishings inspired from our travels and de signed through our dedicated design studio. 

The Design Studio, with satellite offices in London and Palm Beach, houses a creative team led by principal designer Julia Grayson, CEO and founder, and supports private client design projects as well as custom furnishings.

Grayson De Vere's deep relationships in the trade enable us to swiftly facilitate custom interiors, respond to trade inquiries, and satisfy private client requests seamlessly, both within the USA and abroad.

Our signature aesthetic of purposeful layers drawn from textural + organic elements is inspired by our passion for hunting + gathering as well as our focus on sustainability the environment .  We are intentional + conscientious in our sourcing + honouring of artisans and elements that support Wellness in Living + Living Well.

Grayson De Vere’s iconic aesthetic is inspired by our founder's passion for design.   Her unique eye is admired for being in tune with each property, each element, enabling one to make any space, whether Urban, Mountain, or Shore to be captivatingly chic and effortlessly stylish.  

We welcome you.