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Rejuvenating Wellness

Rejuvenating Wellness

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Balancing Collagen CreamBalancing Collagen Cream
Balancing Collagen Cream Sale price$195.00
Lime + Lemongrass Body WashLime + Lemongrass Body Wash
Lime + Lemongrass Body Wash Sale priceFrom $45.00
Skin BrushSkin Brush
Skin Brush Sale price$35.00
Carrot Butter CleanserCarrot Butter Cleanser
Carrot Butter Cleanser Sale price$74.00
Hormone Soothing Bath Soak
Detoxifying blend for soothing relaxation and tension relief. Sal De Banho Bath Salts will help you glide into a peaceful night sleep.Sal De Banho Bath Salts
Sal De Banho Bath Salts Sale priceFrom $80.00
Slimming Abhyanga Massage + Body Oil
Citrus Basilicum candle made with lemon zest, tangerine, fresh mint, basil, and a hint of coriander. The artisanal white glass vessel contains thousands of bubbles, revealing a twinkling flameCandle - Citrus Basilicum (VII)
Candle - Citrus Basilicum (VII) Sale priceFrom $92.00
Moisturizing solution suitable for all body types. Packed in a sleek white tube for easy application.Creme Para O Corpo
Creme Para O Corpo Sale priceFrom $55.00
Lime + Bergamot Hand WashLime + Bergamot Hand Wash
Lime + Bergamot Hand Wash Sale priceFrom $45.00
Rose Facial Cleansing GelRose Facial Cleansing Gel
Rose Facial Cleansing Gel Sale price$85.00
Le Diffuseur - Abd El KaderLe Diffuseur - Abd El Kader
Le Diffuseur - Abd El Kader Sale price$250.00
Rejuvenating body oil infused with rare Amazonian ingredients will nourish and tone your skin.Óleo Para O Corpo Firming Body Oil
Double Rose Rejuvenating Face CreamDouble Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream
Super SerumSuper Serum
Super Serum Sale price$108.00
A candle with green tea scent complemented with hints of bergamot, evoking the taste of succulent local lemons in a lemon tart. Held in an artisanal blue glass vessel with thousands of bubbles and a twinkling flame.Candle - Thea Citrus Bergamia (VIII)
This lightweight formula enriched with emu oil, rejuvenates skin, reduces fine lines and leaves a radiant glow. Infused with a cell regeneration complex, this face cream is an essential addition to your anti-aging skincare routine.The Cream
The Cream Sale price$75.00
Purifying Seaweed Clay MaskPurifying Seaweed Clay Mask
Calming Lip TherapyCalming Lip Therapy
Calming Lip Therapy Sale price$23.00
Cleansing Body + Scalp PolishCleansing Body + Scalp Polish
Sold outAha Face Exfoliant
Aha Face Exfoliant Sale price$48.00
The revitalizing face mask restores elasticity, smoothens lines, and leaves skin rejuvenated and radiant. It boosts circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to repair skin.The Masque
The Masque Sale price$80.00
Hand + Body LotionHand + Body Lotion
Hand + Body Lotion Sale price$58.00
The artisanal black glass candle vessel contains thousands of bubbles, revealing a twinkling flame. Frankincense, vetiver, leather, tobacco, and ashes create a unique, bold fragrance that encapsulates time, place, and the strength of old memories.Candle - Fortitudo Lignorum (IV)
Candle - Fortitudo Lignorum (IV) Sale priceFrom $92.00
Resina De Breu is natural resin known for its healing aromatherapy benefits. When burned, Breu releases a rich woodsy scent that has an uplifting and calming effect.Resina De Breu
Resina De Breu Sale price$145.00
Balancing Face Oil
Balancing Face Oil Sale price$185.00
Coconut Body PolishCoconut Body Polish
Coconut Body Polish Sale price$48.00
Diffuser - Armagnac Ardente (LXXVII)Diffuser - Armagnac Ardente (LXXVII)
Collagen Boost MaskCollagen Boost Mask
Collagen Boost Mask Sale price$129.00
Candle - Rose PoivréeCandle - Rose Poivrée
Candle - Rose Poivrée Sale price$150.00
Clarifying Facial PolishClarifying Facial Polish
Clarifying Facial Polish Sale price$65.00
Infused with essences from the Amazonian rainforest, this candle, presented in a stylish black and white packaging will bring exotic scent into your home.
Vela Jungle Candle Sale price$170.00
Peonies with hints of freesia and cherry branches, complemented by the refreshing scent of lemon and an exciting contrast between spicy ginger and soothing honey. Mouth-blown by master glassmakers, the artisanal pink glass vessel contains thousands of bubbles, revealing a twinkling flame.Candle - Paeonia Cherry (X)
Stretch Mark OilStretch Mark Oil
Stretch Mark Oil Sale price$55.00
Cooling Lip TherapyCooling Lip Therapy
Cooling Lip Therapy Sale price$23.00
Cooling Bath Soak
Cooling Bath Soak Sale price$35.00
Calming Abhyanga Massage + Body Oil
A synergistic combination of invigorating essential oils, carefully formulated to promote detoxification. Packed in a 5 ml bottle.
Stabilized Vitamin C SerumStabilized Vitamin C Serum
An artisanal black glass vessel, mouth-blown by master glassmakers, with thousands of bubbles and an amber mirror interior reflecting the twinkling light of the burning wick. The blend of warm and sweet notes of red fruits and grass, burnt wood, and a touch of 2008 Armagnac combines with blackcurrant and raspberry, creating a sweet, deep, and smoky scent.Candle - Armagnac Sauvage (MMVIII)
Candle - Armagnac Sauvage (MMVIII) Sale priceFrom $100.00
Diffuser - Fructus Vasconia Voluptas (I)Diffuser - Fructus Vasconia Voluptas (I)
This lip balm contains castor oil and hydrating ricinoleic acid, soothes and heals cracked lips for a revitalized appearance.The Balm
The Balm Sale price$20.00
Balance MoistureBalance Moisture
Balance Moisture Sale price$45.00
Energizing Lip TherapyEnergizing Lip Therapy
Energizing Lip Therapy Sale price$23.00
Candle - CireCandle - Cire
Candle - Cire Sale price$150.00
Energizing Abhyanga Massage + Body Oil
The Rich Emu OilThe Rich Emu Oil
The Rich Emu Oil Sale price$62.00
Diffuser - Armagnac Sauvage (MMVIII)Diffuser - Armagnac Sauvage (MMVIII)