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Your Nancy Meyers Kitchen

Your Nancy Meyers Kitchen

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Fresh FindStoneware Carafe Dadasi - WhiteStoneware Carafe Dadasi - White
City Dome + Walnut StandCity Dome + Walnut Stand
City Dome + Walnut Stand Sale price$265.00
Windrow Bowl - LargeWindrow Bowl - Large
Windrow Bowl - Large Sale price$315.00
Color Block Napkin - OatColor Block Napkin - Oat
Color Block Napkin - Oat Sale price$12.00
Fresh Find12" Braising Skillet12" Braising Skillet
12" Braising Skillet Sale price$345.00
Linen Full-Length Apron - NaturalLinen Full-Length Apron - Natural
Blackware High Dinner Plate - Delft BlueBlackware High Dinner Plate - Delft Blue
Bar Icelip Jug
Bar Icelip Jug Sale price$95.00
Ivalo Dome + Ash Base - WideIvalo Dome + Ash Base - Wide
A white dish with a lid designed to hold and serve butter. Provides a classic and elegant way to keep butter fresh and easily accessible on the table or in the kitchen.Grande Porcelain Butter Dish
Ivalo Container + Ash Lid - TallIvalo Container + Ash Lid - Tall
Molcajete Bowl - BlackMolcajete Bowl - Black
Molcajete Bowl - Black Sale price$280.00
Laurel Pie DishLaurel Pie Dish
Laurel Pie Dish Sale price$145.00
The aromatic scent brings a cozy charm and warmth, evoking a feeling of home, especially during the holidays. Infuse your surroundings with the comforting dried cinnamon sticks.Dried Cinnamon Stick Bundle
Heat resistant, white porcelain rectangular gratin dish, used for baking and broiling dishes like gratins and casseroles.250°C/485°F Porcelain Rectangular Gratin Dish
Color Block Napkin - SageColor Block Napkin - Sage
Color Block Napkin - Sage Sale price$12.00
Fresh Find100% Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy100% Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy
Lotta Bowl + Ash Base - LowLotta Bowl + Ash Base - Low
Lotta Bowl + Ash Base - Low Sale price$230.00
Aria Serving Board - White Oak
Silo Batter BowlSilo Batter Bowl
Silo Batter Bowl Sale price$195.00
Ivalo Container + Ash Lid - LowIvalo Container + Ash Lid - Low
Fresh Find100% Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil100% Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cuadrado BowlCuadrado Bowl
Cuadrado Bowl Sale priceFrom $60.00
Lotta ContainerLotta Container
Lotta Container Sale priceFrom $50.00
Ivalo Dome + Ash Base - TallIvalo Dome + Ash Base - Tall
Dip Board With Bowls - Ebonized OakDip Board With Bowls - Ebonized Oak
Dried Orange Slices are the vibrant addition to any tabletop and a refreshing aroma to your decor.Dried Orange Slices
Dried Orange Slices Sale price$7.20
Ivalo Container + Ash Lid - SmallIvalo Container + Ash Lid - Small
Pure Vanilla ExtractPure Vanilla Extract
Pure Vanilla Extract $10.50 $15.00
City Bowl + Walnut Lid - MediumCity Bowl + Walnut Lid - Medium
Yin Yang Knuckle MugYin Yang Knuckle Mug
Yin Yang Knuckle Mug Sale price$105.00
Reclaimed Wood Cutting BoardReclaimed Wood Cutting Board
Reclaimed Wood Cutting Board Sale priceFrom $150.00
Salt Cellar - White OakSalt Cellar - White Oak
Salt Cellar - White Oak Sale price$95.00
Purist Long Charcuterie Board
Porcelain creamer, a small pitcher with a handle used for serving cream or milk. Adds a touch of elegance to your coffee or tea service.Grande Porcelain Creamer
Grande Porcelain Creamer Sale price$30.00
Paddle Bowl SetPaddle Bowl Set
Paddle Bowl Set Sale price$75.00
Molcajete Bowl - WhiteMolcajete Bowl - White
Molcajete Bowl - White Sale price$280.00
Lotta LanternLotta Lantern
Lotta Lantern Sale priceFrom $130.00
Nest Bowl - MilkNest Bowl - Milk
Nest Bowl - Milk Sale priceFrom $105.00
Stone Crackle Knuckle Mug - WhiteStone Crackle Knuckle Mug - White
Linen Full-Length Apron - ClairLinen Full-Length Apron - Clair
Lotta Cake + Cheese DomeLotta Cake + Cheese Dome
Lotta Cake + Cheese Dome Sale priceFrom $175.00
Ivalo Dome + Ash Base - SmallIvalo Dome + Ash Base - Small
Modern Bowl - Extra Large
Modern Bowl - Extra Large Sale price$138.00
Sculpt Ice ScoopSculpt Ice Scoop
Sculpt Ice Scoop Sale price$58.00
Cuadrado Ice Bucket
Cuadrado Ice Bucket Sale price$185.00
Blackware High Salad Plate - Delft BlueBlackware High Salad Plate - Delft Blue
Whole Dried Oranges are delights that infuse your space with a refreshing aroma and vibrant orange hue, adding a bright and invigorating touch to any setting.Whole Dried Oranges
Whole Dried Oranges Sale price$20.00