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The tray/lid is made of white porcelain and has a rectangular shape with raised edges. It is designed to be used as both a serving tray and a lid for dishes. the tray/lid is heat-resistant , and can be used for baking, roasting.250°C/485°F Porcelain Tray/Lid
250°C/485°F Porcelain Tray/Lid Sale priceFrom $20.00
Heat resistant, white porcelain rectangular gratin dish, used for baking and broiling dishes like gratins and casseroles.250°C/485°F Porcelain Rectangular Gratin Dish
White porcelain container for baking and broiling dishes like gratins, casseroles, and other oven-baked meals.250°C/485°F Porcelain Square Gratin Dish
Oven safe, white porcelain round dish for baking delicate soufflés and muffins.250°C/485°F Porcelain Soufflé Dish - Round
White porcelain citrus juicer, used to extract juice from lemons, limes, oranges, and other citrus fruits.250°C/485°F Porcelain Citrus Juicer
250°C/485°F Porcelain Mortar + Pestle250°C/485°F Porcelain Mortar + Pestle
A white dish with a lid designed to hold and serve butter. Provides a classic and elegant way to keep butter fresh and easily accessible on the table or in the kitchen.Grande Porcelain Butter Dish
Heat resistant, white porcelain square dish for baking soufflés.
Remy Bowl - CobaltRemy Bowl - Cobalt
Remy Bowl - Cobalt Sale price$375.00
Blackware Van Gogh MugBlackware Van Gogh Mug
Blackware Van Gogh Mug Sale price$85.00
Pickle Dish - Ash
Pickle Dish - Ash Sale price$31.00
Pebble Bowl - Milk
Pebble Bowl - Milk Sale price$175.00
Pickle Dish - Red
Pickle Dish - Red Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - Duck Egg
Pickle Dish - Duck Egg Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - Slate
Pickle Dish - Slate Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - Blossom
Pickle Dish - Blossom Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - Sand
Pickle Dish - Sand Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - Plum
Pickle Dish - Plum Sale price$31.00
Pebble Bowl - Yellow
Pebble Bowl - Yellow Sale price$175.00
Pickle Dish - Bottle
Pickle Dish - Bottle Sale price$31.00
Pebble Bowl - Orange
Pebble Bowl - Orange Sale price$175.00
Paris Platter - MilkParis Platter - Milk
Paris Platter - Milk Sale price$350.00
Slice Tray - BlueSlice Tray - Blue
Slice Tray - Blue Sale price$150.00
Pickle Dish - Pistachio
Pickle Dish - Pistachio Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - Dust
Pickle Dish - Dust Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - Milk
Pickle Dish - Milk Sale price$31.00
Pebble Bowl - Ink
Pebble Bowl - Ink Sale price$175.00
Pickle Dish - Wasabi
Pickle Dish - Wasabi Sale price$31.00
Fish Platter - DustFish Platter - Dust
Fish Platter - Dust Sale price$160.00
Pickle Dish - Ink
Pickle Dish - Ink Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - Blue
Pickle Dish - Blue Sale price$31.00
Pebble Bowl - Duck EggPebble Bowl - Duck Egg
Pebble Bowl - Duck Egg Sale price$175.00
Pickle Dish - Steel
Pickle Dish - Steel Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - Yellow
Pickle Dish - Yellow Sale price$31.00
Pebble Bowl - Dust
Pebble Bowl - Dust Sale price$175.00
Pickle Dish - Citrus
Pickle Dish - Citrus Sale price$31.00
Pickle Dish - OrangePickle Dish - Orange
Pickle Dish - Orange Sale price$31.00
Large Square Platter - MilkLarge Square Platter - Milk
Large Square Platter - Milk Sale price$164.00
Pebble Bowl - BluePebble Bowl - Blue
Pebble Bowl - Blue Sale priceFrom $45.00
Linen Full-Length Apron - ClairLinen Full-Length Apron - Clair
Linen Full-Length Apron - NaturalLinen Full-Length Apron - Natural
Linen Full-Length Apron - Grey + White StripedLinen Full-Length Apron - Grey + White Striped
Windrow Bowl - LargeWindrow Bowl - Large
Windrow Bowl - Large Sale price$315.00
Laurel Pie DishLaurel Pie Dish
Laurel Pie Dish Sale price$145.00
Silo Batter BowlSilo Batter Bowl
Silo Batter Bowl Sale price$195.00
Fresh Find12" Braising Skillet12" Braising Skillet
12" Braising Skillet Sale price$345.00
Fresh Find12" Grill Pan + Braising Skillet Lid12" Grill Pan + Braising Skillet Lid
Fresh FindStoneware Carafe Dadasi - BlackStoneware Carafe Dadasi - Black