Unfolded tea towel featuring a white base adorned with modern light blue and black geometric elements.Tea towel featuring a refreshing aqua hue complemented by a sleek black geometric pattern, combining style and functionality.
Cuadrado Cup
Cuadrado Condiment Box
Unfolded tea towel brings contemporary charm featuring a white backdrop, subtle grey stripe and a captivating blue geometric pattern.This tea towel brings subtle sophistication to your table and kitchen, featuring a harmonious blend of a white base, grey and blue accents, combining style and practicality.
Cuadrado Vanity Tray
Unfolded Dark Blue Chevron Tea Towel brings a touch of sophistication when draped across the table, or used in the kitchen, offers both visual charm and functional versatility for your culinary activities.The timeless chevron pattern merges with the rich dark blue, providing both elegance and practicality in keeping your space tidy and stylish.

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