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The Zen Zone

The Zen Zone

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Hand + Body LotionHand + Body Lotion
Hand + Body Lotion Sale price$58.00
A luxurious cashmere ivory throw is making the most of comfort and beauty at your home.Folded Sasha Cashmere Throw Ivory, for ultimate softness and style.
Sasha Cashmere Throw - Ivory Sale price$1,830.00
Agave Incense Holder - Satin BrassAgave Incense Holder - Satin Brass
Short Incense Sticks - Spring ArroyoShort Incense Sticks - Spring Arroyo
This soothing eye pillow combines natural scents with relaxing muscles around eyes, featuring delicate aesthetics in the inviting hue of camel cashmere.Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Camel Cashmere
Detoxifying blend for soothing relaxation and tension relief. Sal De Banho Bath Salts will help you glide into a peaceful night sleep.Sal De Banho Bath Salts
Sal De Banho Bath Salts Sale priceFrom $80.00
Sold outA revitalizing blend of essential oils combined for uplifting effect and enhancing focus. Packed in 5 ml, portable roll-on bottle, ideal for on the go energy boost.Essential Oil Roll-On - Energy
Candle - Armagnac Ardente (LXXVII)Candle - Armagnac Ardente (LXXVII)
Candle - Armagnac Ardente (LXXVII) Sale priceFrom $100.00
Narrow Incense Stick Burner - Blackened BrassNarrow Incense Stick Burner - Blackened Brass
Smokeless incense sticks releasing aromatic scents, while inducing a calming effect, all without producing visible smoke. Packed in a light grey box.Smokeless Incense - Calm
Smokeless Incense - Calm Sale price$48.00
Candle - Abd El KaderCandle - Abd El Kader
Candle - Abd El Kader Sale priceFrom $125.00
Sold outDetoxifying Seaweed Bath SoakDetoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak
Folded Siempre Throw features an ivory hue adorned with contrasting black sutures, offering a minimalist and timeless style.Siempre Oversized Recycled Throw - Ivory
This soothing eye pillow combines natural scents with relaxing muscles around eyes, featuring delicate aesthetics in gold linen.Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Gold Linen
Les Belles Matieres - MaduraïLes Belles Matieres - Maduraï
Lime + Bergamot Hand WashLime + Bergamot Hand Wash
Lime + Bergamot Hand Wash Sale priceFrom $45.00
L’œuf Diffuser - Abd El KaderL’œuf Diffuser - Abd El Kader
Antioxidant Face CreamAntioxidant Face Cream
Antioxidant Face Cream Sale price$95.00
Candle - CireCandle - Cire
Candle - Cire Sale price$150.00
Carrot Butter CleanserCarrot Butter Cleanser
Carrot Butter Cleanser Sale price$74.00
Organic Muslin Cloth
Organic Muslin Cloth Sale price$10.00
Unfolded throw reveals a classic black foundation adorned with two ivory stripes. Woven from 100% recycled fibers sourced from haute couture fashion houses, Siempre Recycled Throw blends luxury and environmental responsibility.The folded Siempre Recycled Throw features a black base with refined ivory stripes, embodying both sustainability and sophistication in its design.
A synergistic combination of invigorating essential oils, carefully formulated to promote detoxification. Packed in a 5 ml bottle.
Elegant white diffuser that releases essential oils through ultrasonic technology.Ultrasonic Diffuser - White Ceramic
A precise fusion of invigorating scents, designed to enhance concentration, productivity, and mental clarity. Packed in a 5 ml bottle.Essential Oil Blend - Focus
Les Albatres - AtriaLes Albatres - Atria
Les Albatres - Atria Sale price$260.00
Resina De Breu is natural resin known for its healing aromatherapy benefits. When burned, Breu releases a rich woodsy scent that has an uplifting and calming effect.Resina De Breu
Resina De Breu Sale price$145.00
Coconut Body PolishCoconut Body Polish
Coconut Body Polish Sale price$48.00
Glaze Bouclé Throw - SeapearlGlaze Bouclé Throw - Seapearl
Glaze Bouclé Throw - Seapearl Sale price$2,700.00
La Petite Bougie - OdalisqueLa Petite Bougie - Odalisque
Sold outNi Incense Box Burner - Satin BrassNi Incense Box Burner - Satin Brass
Short Incense Sticks - Fallen BlossomShort Incense Sticks - Fallen Blossom
Spix Pillow - GreySpix Pillow - Grey
Spix Pillow - Grey Sale price$956.00
Candle - MaryCandle - Mary
Candle - Mary Sale price$150.00
Melrose Two-Tone Throw - Pearl + EcruMelrose Two-Tone Throw - Pearl + Ecru
A harmonious blend of immune boosting essential oils, designed to support and strengthen the body's natural defense mechanisms. Packed in a 5 ml bottle.
Elegant black diffuser that releases essential oils through ultrasonic technology.Ultrasonic Diffuser - Black Ceramic
Sophisticated beige reversible throw with taupe leather edges for a luxurious look.
Candle - Citrus Basilicum (VII)Candle - Citrus Basilicum (VII)
Candle - Citrus Basilicum (VII) Sale priceFrom $92.00
Moisturizing solution suitable for all body types. Packed in a sleek white tube for easy application.Creme Para O Corpo
Creme Para O Corpo Sale priceFrom $55.00
Spix Pillow - IvorySpix Pillow - Ivory
Spix Pillow - Ivory Sale price$956.00
Sold outLuxurious blend infused with Brazilian rainforest elixir that provides your skin rejuvenation and illumination. Packed in 100 ml white bottle.
Lua Moonlight Body Oil Sale price$100.00
Luxurious and soft grey throw, made of cashmere with exquisite suede edges.A close up look of grey cashmere throw with suede edges.
Indoor/Outdoor Candle - Spicy Rouge (XI) Silver
Sold outThis soothing eye pillow combines natural scents with relaxing muscles around eyes, featuring delicate aesthetics in grey cashmere.Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Marle Cashmere
Long Incense Sticks - Desert CanyonLong Incense Sticks - Desert Canyon
Sold outBauvin ThrowBauvin Throw
Bauvin Throw Sale price$1,460.00
Sherk Suture Throw - Ivory
Sherk Suture Throw - Ivory Sale price$2,430.00