One of the founding elements of Grayson De Vere was the seeking out and sharing of communal wisdom and creativity, whether that was discovering a new school of thought, a new way of looking at old beliefs, new breakthroughs in wellness, or new products to improve our way of living. We continue to seek out and gather a wealth of wisdom from our growing sources and look forward to sharing what we learn.

It’s Autumn! And though that may portend different things in different countries, for us it harkens shorter days, colder nights, a return to hearty foods, and a time for harvesting. It is a  reminder of our connection to our fundamental roots deepened through the joyful gathering and sharing of communities.

Gatherings would often culminate in a celebration of plenty; a sharing of each other’s bounty; an honouring of the collaborative efforts of hunting, of farming, of providing.

At Grayson De Vere, we are blessed to enjoy this sense of community all the year by sharing what we find and offering to all from what we gather. We hope that you find joy in that which we've discovered and inspiration to come together and share with others during this harvest season.

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