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A set of white porcelain stackable bowls that fit inside each other for easy storage. Ideal for serving snacks, desserts, or breakfast while saving space in your kitchen.Grande Porcelain Nestable Bowls
Grande Porcelain Nestable Bowls Sale priceFrom $20.00
A combination of natural birch wood handles and white porcelain serving ends, these salad servers are designed for tossing and serving salads, providing a stylish and rustic touch to your dining experience.Cuisine Birch + Porcelain Salad Servers - Natural
250°C/485°F Porcelain Citrus Juicer250°C/485°F Porcelain Citrus Juicer
Porcelain creamer, a small pitcher with a handle used for serving cream or milk. Adds a touch of elegance to your coffee or tea service.Grande Porcelain Creamer
Grande Porcelain Creamer Sale price$30.00
A white dish with a lid designed to hold and serve butter. Provides a classic and elegant way to keep butter fresh and easily accessible on the table or in the kitchen.Grande Porcelain Butter Dish
Small and delicate utensils made from white porcelain, these spoons are ideal for serving and enjoying small portions of desserts, condiments, or tasting samples.Apero Mini Porcelain Spoons
White porcelain container for baking and broiling dishes like gratins, casseroles, and other oven-baked meals.250°C/485°F Porcelain Square Gratin Dish
The tray/lid is made of white porcelain and has a rectangular shape with raised edges. It is designed to be used as both a serving tray and a lid for dishes. the tray/lid is heat-resistant , and can be used for baking, roasting.250°C/485°F Porcelain Tray/Lid
250°C/485°F Porcelain Tray/Lid Sale priceFrom $20.00
White elegant porcelain jug, made for serving beverages or pouring liquids.Grande Porcelain Jug
Grande Porcelain Jug Sale priceFrom $40.00
Vongole Asymmetric Porcelain Bowl - SmallVongole Asymmetric Porcelain Bowl - Small
Heat resistant, white porcelain rectangular gratin dish, used for baking and broiling dishes like gratins and casseroles.250°C/485°F Porcelain Rectangular Gratin Dish
250°C/485°F Porcelain Mortar + Pestle250°C/485°F Porcelain Mortar + Pestle
Oven safe, white porcelain round dish for baking delicate soufflés and muffins.250°C/485°F Porcelain Soufflé Dish - Round
Sold outPorcelain oval platter, a sleek and elongated serving dish for presenting appetizers, main courses, or desserts.Grande Porcelain Oval Platter
Heat resistant, white porcelain square dish for baking soufflés.