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Kitchen Refresh

Kitchen Refresh

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Lotta Bowl + Ash Base - LowLotta Bowl + Ash Base - Low
Lotta Bowl + Ash Base - Low Sale price$230.00
Fresh FindStoneware Serving Plate with Handles - BlackStoneware Serving Plate with Handles - Black
City Bowl + Walnut Lid - MediumCity Bowl + Walnut Lid - Medium
Nest Bowl - BlueNest Bowl - Blue
Nest Bowl - Blue Sale priceFrom $105.00
Fresh FindStoneware Olive Oil Bottle Brutto - Black
Fresh Find100% Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil100% Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Plenty More
Plenty More Sale price$35.00
Long Board With Bowl - Ebonized OakLong Board With Bowl - Ebonized Oak
Lotta ContainerLotta Container
Lotta Container Sale priceFrom $50.00
Aria Serving Board - Ebonized OakAria Serving Board - Ebonized Oak
Aria Serving Board - Ebonized Oak Sale priceFrom $195.00
Bar Icelip Jug
Bar Icelip Jug Sale price$95.00
Rigato Tea Towel - Turquoise, Silver, + GreyRigato Tea Towel - Turquoise, Silver, + Grey
Painted Tea Towel - Light BluePainted Tea Towel - Light Blue
Fresh FindStoneware Serving Bowl Dadasi - BlackStoneware Serving Bowl Dadasi - Black
Pickle Dish - Steel
Pickle Dish - Steel Sale price$31.00
Fresh Find100% Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy100% Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy
Steak Knives - Black
Steak Knives - Black Sale price$125.00
Small Square Platter - MistSmall Square Platter - Mist
A set of white porcelain stackable bowls that fit inside each other for easy storage. Ideal for serving snacks, desserts, or breakfast while saving space in your kitchen.Grande Porcelain Nestable Bowls
Grande Porcelain Nestable Bowls Sale priceFrom $20.00
A combination of natural birch wood handles and white porcelain serving ends, these salad servers are designed for tossing and serving salads, providing a stylish and rustic touch to your dining experience.Cuisine Birch + Porcelain Salad Servers - Natural
Ottolenghi Sale price$35.00
250°C/485°F Porcelain Mortar + Pestle250°C/485°F Porcelain Mortar + Pestle
Platter - Dust
Platter - Dust Sale price$110.00
Monogramme Napkin - WhiteMonogramme Napkin - White
Monogramme Napkin - White Sale price$25.00
Fresh FindStoneware Serving Plate with Handles - WhiteStoneware Serving Plate with Handles - White
Ivalo Dome + Ash Base - TallIvalo Dome + Ash Base - Tall
Salt Cellar - White OakSalt Cellar - White Oak
Salt Cellar - White Oak Sale price$95.00
Fresh FindStoneware Carafe Dadasi - WhiteStoneware Carafe Dadasi - White
Steak Knives - Ivory
Steak Knives - Ivory Sale price$125.00
Painted Tea Towel - GreyPainted Tea Towel - Grey
White elegant porcelain jug, made for serving beverages or pouring liquids.Grande Porcelain Jug
Grande Porcelain Jug Sale priceFrom $40.00
City Dome + Walnut StandCity Dome + Walnut Stand
City Dome + Walnut Stand Sale price$265.00
Linen Full-Length Apron - Grey + White StripedLinen Full-Length Apron - Grey + White Striped
Ivalo Container + Ash Lid - TallIvalo Container + Ash Lid - Tall
Edge Grain Board - White OakEdge Grain Board - White Oak
Edge Grain Board - White Oak Sale priceFrom $350.00
Mini Cheese Utensils - Stainless Steel
City Bowl + Walnut Lid - LargeCity Bowl + Walnut Lid - Large
Oval Bowl - Ebonized OakOval Bowl - Ebonized Oak
Oval Bowl - Ebonized Oak Sale priceFrom $295.00
Pebble Bowl - Dust
Pebble Bowl - Dust Sale price$175.00
Wildflower HoneyWildflower Honey
Wildflower Honey $24.50 $35.00
Fresh FindStoneware Carafe Dadasi - BlackStoneware Carafe Dadasi - Black
Platter - Duck Egg
Platter - Duck Egg Sale price$110.00
The timeless chevron pattern merges with the rich dark blue, providing both elegance and practicality in keeping your space tidy and stylish.Unfolded Dark Blue Chevron Tea Towel brings a touch of sophistication when draped across the table, or used in the kitchen, offers both visual charm and functional versatility for your culinary activities.
Dip Board With Bowls - Ebonized OakDip Board With Bowls - Ebonized Oak
Cheese Platter - Blue
Cheese Platter - Blue Sale price$350.00
Fresh FindStoneware Serving Bowl Dadasi - WhiteStoneware Serving Bowl Dadasi - White
Ivalo Container + Ash Lid - LowIvalo Container + Ash Lid - Low
Pebble Bowl - Ink
Pebble Bowl - Ink Sale price$175.00