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Clean Cooking

Clean Cooking

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Ottolenghi Sale price$35.00
Fresh Find100% Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil100% Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Heat resistant, white porcelain rectangular gratin dish, used for baking and broiling dishes like gratins and casseroles.250°C/485°F Porcelain Rectangular Gratin Dish
Coriander $17.50 $25.00
The tray/lid is made of white porcelain and has a rectangular shape with raised edges. It is designed to be used as both a serving tray and a lid for dishes. the tray/lid is heat-resistant , and can be used for baking, roasting.250°C/485°F Porcelain Tray/Lid
250°C/485°F Porcelain Tray/Lid Sale priceFrom $20.00
Fresh Find12" Braising Skillet12" Braising Skillet
12" Braising Skillet Sale price$345.00
Plenty More
Plenty More Sale price$35.00
Paris Platter - MilkParis Platter - Milk
Paris Platter - Milk Sale price$350.00
Fresh Find100% Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy100% Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy
Pebble Bowl - Duck EggPebble Bowl - Duck Egg
Pebble Bowl - Duck Egg Sale price$175.00
White porcelain container for baking and broiling dishes like gratins, casseroles, and other oven-baked meals.250°C/485°F Porcelain Square Gratin Dish
Wildflower HoneyWildflower Honey
Wildflower Honey $24.50 $35.00
Oven safe, white porcelain round dish for baking delicate soufflés and muffins.250°C/485°F Porcelain Soufflé Dish - Round
Sweet Sale price$35.00
Pure Vanilla ExtractPure Vanilla Extract
Pure Vanilla Extract $10.50 $15.00
Slice Tray - BlueSlice Tray - Blue
Slice Tray - Blue Sale price$150.00
Pickle Dish - CitrusPickle Dish - Citrus
Pickle Dish - Citrus Sale price$31.00
Wood-Fired Vermont Maple SyrupWood-Fired Vermont Maple Syrup
Large Square Platter - MilkLarge Square Platter - Milk
Large Square Platter - Milk Sale price$164.00
Fish Platter - DustFish Platter - Dust
Fish Platter - Dust Sale price$160.00
Fresh Find12" Grill Pan + Braising Skillet Lid12" Grill Pan + Braising Skillet Lid
Pickle Dish - SteelPickle Dish - Steel
Pickle Dish - Steel Sale price$31.00
Heat resistant, white porcelain square dish for baking soufflés.
Platter - InkPlatter - Ink
Platter - Ink Sale price$132.00
Pickle Dish - PistachioPickle Dish - Pistachio
Pickle Dish - Pistachio Sale price$31.00
Small Square Platter - MistSmall Square Platter - Mist
Pebble Bowl - OrangePebble Bowl - Orange
Pebble Bowl - Orange Sale price$175.00
Pickle Dish - BottlePickle Dish - Bottle
Pickle Dish - Bottle Sale price$31.00
Pebble Bowl - YellowPebble Bowl - Yellow
Pebble Bowl - Yellow Sale price$175.00
Pickle Dish - BlossomPickle Dish - Blossom
Pickle Dish - Blossom Sale price$31.00
Fresh FindElla Hand Towel - StoneElla Hand Towel - Stone
Ella Hand Towel - Stone Sale price$42.00
Fresh FindElla Hand Towel - AnthraciteElla Hand Towel - Anthracite
Fresh FindElla Bath Towel - StoneElla Bath Towel - Stone
Ella Bath Towel - Stone Sale price$78.00
Fresh FindSold outElla Hand Towel - WhiteElla Hand Towel - White
Ella Hand Towel - White Sale price$42.00
Fresh FindElla Bath Towel - WhiteElla Bath Towel - White
Ella Bath Towel - White Sale price$78.00
Fresh FindElla Bath Towel - AnthraciteElla Bath Towel - Anthracite