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Teacher's Gift Guide

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Love Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - NaturalLove Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - Natural
Modern Office Letter Opener
Gift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $100.00
Motli Lighter - Linen
Motli Lighter - Linen Sale price$45.00
A purifying bundle of white sage, traditionally used for smudging and energy cleansing. Its aromatic essence is known for restoring balance, purifying the air, and creating a serene atmosphere.White Sage Wand
White Sage Wand Sale price$25.00
Tea towel featuring a refreshing aqua hue complemented by a sleek black geometric pattern, combining style and functionality.Unfolded tea towel featuring a white base adorned with modern light blue and black geometric elements.
Wildflower HoneyWildflower Honey
Wildflower Honey $24.50 $35.00
Dipping Bowl - DustDipping Bowl - Dust
Dipping Bowl - Dust Sale price$45.00
Plenty More
Plenty More Sale price$35.00
Painted Tea Towel - Light BluePainted Tea Towel - Light Blue
Aquamarine Faceted Bracelet - 4mm
This soothing eye pillow combines natural scents with relaxing muscles around eyes, featuring delicate aesthetics in the inviting hue of camel cashmere.Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Camel Cashmere
Thermos - OrangeThermos - Orange
Thermos - Orange Sale priceFrom $140.00
Vibrant and festive napkins adorned with colorful designs, perfect for adding a touch of celebration and fun to your gatherings.
Love Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - OrangeLove Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - Orange
Agave Incense Holder - Satin BrassAgave Incense Holder - Satin Brass
Smokeless incense sticks releasing aromatic scents, while inducing a mind clearing effect, all without producing visible smoke. Packed in a warm burnt orange box.Smokeless Incense - Ground
Popsicle Servers - Tortoise
Popsicle Servers - Tortoise Sale price$175.00
Sunstone Faceted Bracelet - 8mm
Woven Rattan Fringe Coasters - Canary YellowWoven Rattan Fringe Coasters - Canary Yellow
Short Incense Sticks - Ocotillo BloomShort Incense Sticks - Ocotillo Bloom
Agave Basin Burner - Satin BrassAgave Basin Burner - Satin Brass
Candle - Armagnac Ardente (LXXVII)Candle - Armagnac Ardente (LXXVII)
Candle - Armagnac Ardente (LXXVII) Sale priceFrom $100.00
Steak Knives - Olive Wood
Steak Knives - Olive Wood Sale price$185.00
Herb Seed KitHerb Seed Kit
Herb Seed Kit $38.50 $55.00
Shoehorn - TaupeShoehorn - Taupe
Shoehorn - Taupe Sale priceFrom $50.00
Carving Set - Olive WoodCarving Set - Olive Wood
Carving Set - Olive Wood Sale price$95.00
Love Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - IvoryLove Dove Paper Weight/Door Stop - Ivory
Candle - Rose PoivréeCandle - Rose Poivrée
Candle - Rose Poivrée Sale price$150.00
Tapas Tray - Sky BlueTapas Tray - Sky Blue
Tapas Tray - Sky Blue Sale price$175.00
Tapas Bowl - NavyTapas Bowl - Navy
Tapas Bowl - Navy Sale price$65.00
Oval Leather Tray - BlackOval Leather Tray - Black
Oval Leather Tray - Black Sale priceFrom $125.00
Steak Knives - Stainless Steel
Ottolenghi Sale price$35.00
Lacquer Coasters - AntibesLacquer Coasters - Antibes
Lacquer Coasters - Antibes Sale price$145.00
This soothing eye pillow combines natural scents with relaxing muscles around eyes, featuring delicate aesthetics in gold linen.Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow - Gold Linen
Candle - Lys Magicus (IX)Candle - Lys Magicus (IX)
Candle - Lys Magicus (IX) Sale price$92.00
Lapis Lazuli Bracelet - 4mm
Lapis Lazuli Bracelet - 4mm Sale price$125.00
Rigato Napkin - Blue + SlateRigato Napkin - Blue + Slate
Clarifying Facial PolishClarifying Facial Polish
Clarifying Facial Polish Sale price$65.00
Cleansing Body + Scalp PolishCleansing Body + Scalp Polish
Tray - Pink
Tray - Pink $140.00 $200.00
Woven Fringe Placemat - Lime + WhiteWoven Fringe Placemat - Lime + White
Leather Napkin Ring - BrownLeather Napkin Ring - Brown
(Aime) Probiotic Deodorant
This natural, aluminum-free, and gentle deodorant doesn't irritate and soothes sensitive and dry skin.
Natural, aluminum free deodorant provides long lasting freshness and odor protection. Packed in 50ml bottle and white box with minimalistic golden details.
Argan Body OilArgan Body Oil
Argan Body Oil Sale price$45.00