White Sage Wand


cleanses + purifies the air of negativity + pollution

Used by Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Native Americans + other indigenous people, Sage burning—or smudging—has been a part of sacred cleansing + healing rituals across cultures for centuries. Burning white sage sticks is most often used to clear energy + restore balance, to cleanse + purify the air, and for protection from negative energies. Made up of dried white sage leaves, smudging is beneficial for cleansing both entire home or work spaces, as well as clearing the energy around your physical space or aura—especially during times of high tension or frustration.

  • Dimensions: Approx. 2" D x 8-9” H
  • Improves mood + reduces stress + anxiety
  • Grounding
  • Clears + cleanses energy + purifies the air
  • Protects from negative energies + entities
  • Can improve your mood when used during times of frustration
  • Open a window or door that leads outside to allow the negative or stagnant energy to release
  • Use a lighter, match, or open flame (in a safe environment) to light the end of your sage stick. Once the slight flames have gone out and the sage stick starts to smoke, move your sage stick throughout your home space and around your body
  • Feel the energetic difference and enjoy your newly calm + cleansed space
  • Repeat this ritual once a month, or as needed


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