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Summer Indulgence

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Lotta Cake + Cheese DomeLotta Cake + Cheese Dome
Lotta Cake + Cheese Dome Sale priceFrom $175.00
This natural, aluminum-free, and gentle deodorant doesn't irritate and soothes sensitive and dry skin.
Sold outLacquer Placemat - AntibesLacquer Placemat - Antibes
Ivalo Container + Ash Lid - TallIvalo Container + Ash Lid - Tall
Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF 30Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF 30
Sold outIvalo Dome + Ash Base - WideIvalo Dome + Ash Base - Wide
Makun Texturized Pillow - White + BlueMakun Texturized Pillow - White + Blue
Lotta LanternLotta Lantern
Lotta Lantern Sale priceFrom $130.00
Woven Rattan Fringe Coasters - Canary YellowWoven Rattan Fringe Coasters - Canary Yellow
Ivalo Container + Ash Lid - LowIvalo Container + Ash Lid - Low
Makun Chain Stitch Lumbar Pillow - White + BlackMakun Chain Stitch Lumbar Pillow - White + Black
Carrot Butter CleanserCarrot Butter Cleanser
Carrot Butter Cleanser Sale price$74.00
Organic Muslin Cloth
Organic Muslin Cloth Sale price$10.00
Sold outOval Bowl - White OakOval Bowl - White Oak
Oval Bowl - White Oak Sale priceFrom $295.00
Makun Stitch Pillow - White + BlackMakun Stitch Pillow - White + Black
Sold outDetox Body OilDetox Body Oil
Detox Body Oil Sale price$68.00
Cuadrado Towel + Napkin TrayCuadrado Towel + Napkin Tray
Ivalo Dome + Ash Base - SmallIvalo Dome + Ash Base - Small
Lotta ContainerLotta Container
Lotta Container Sale priceFrom $50.00
Purist Round TrayPurist Round Tray
Purist Round Tray Sale priceFrom $326.00
Self TanSelf Tan
Self Tan Sale price$69.00
Ivalo Dome + Ash Base - TallIvalo Dome + Ash Base - Tall
Bar Ships DecanterBar Ships Decanter
Bar Ships Decanter Sale price$140.00
Sold outNatural, aluminum free deodorant, made to keep you fresh throughout the day and reduce the negative impacts caused by heavy metals on health. Packed in lovely white and pink box.
Makun Striped Pillow - White + BlackMakun Striped Pillow - White + Black
Sold outDetoxifying Seaweed Bath SoakDetoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak
Pewma Striped Lumbar Pillow W/ Pom Poms - Black + WhitePewma Striped Lumbar Pillow W/ Pom Poms - Black + White
Antioxidant Face CreamAntioxidant Face Cream
Antioxidant Face Cream Sale price$95.00
Woven Rattan Fringe Placemat - OrangeWoven Rattan Fringe Placemat - Orange
Sold outIvalo Container + Ash Lid - SmallIvalo Container + Ash Lid - Small
Lacquer Coasters - AntibesLacquer Coasters - Antibes
Lacquer Coasters - Antibes Sale price$145.00
Sold outMini Cheese Utensils - Pale HornMini Cheese Utensils - Pale Horn
Oblong PlacematOblong Placemat
Oblong Placemat Sale price$215.00
Sold outHerbal Toner
Herbal Toner Sale price$65.00
Packed in black box with minimalistic golden details, this all natural, aluminum free deodorant offers long lasting freshness and odor protection for all genders.
Uni(Sex) No. 5 Deodorant Sale price$24.00
Bar Champagne Ice Bucket
Bar Champagne Ice Bucket Sale price$160.00
Sold outNatural, aluminum free deodorant provides long lasting freshness and odor protection. Packed in 50ml bottle and white box with minimalistic golden details.
Cuadrado Champagne Bucket - SmallCuadrado Champagne Bucket - Small
Makun Chain Stitch Pillow - White + BlackMakun Chain Stitch Pillow - White + Black
Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF 50Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF 50
(Aime) Probiotic Deodorant
Sold outMakun Stitch Pillow - White + BlueMakun Stitch Pillow - White + Blue
Makun Stitch Lumbar Pillow - White + BlackMakun Stitch Lumbar Pillow - White + Black
Makun Texturized Pillow - BlackMakun Texturized Pillow - Black
Makun Texturized Pillow - BlueMakun Texturized Pillow - Blue
Pewma Striated Pillow W/ Pom Poms - Black + WhitePewma Striated Pillow W/ Pom Poms - Black + White
Sold outLacquer Placemat - Navy + WhiteLacquer Placemat - Navy + White
Cask Whisky Square DecanterCask Whisky Square Decanter
Cask Whisky Square Decanter Sale price$165.00