Welcoming The Spring Equinox

Welcoming The Spring Equinox

Happy New Year! 

I don’t know about you but, those New Year Resolutions seem to come and go too quickly without ever really taking hold as firmly as I would wish.

Sometimes, I would love a do-over. Well… here it is! 

For today is the Spring Equinox.The first day of Spring.It walked in quietly at 5:24 PM ET, heralding the New Astrological Year which begins in Aries today. 

Unusually, it happens to conjoin with tonight’s Dark Moon, the darkest night sky just ahead of the coming New Moon tomorrow. 

What Does This Mean?

What does this all mean?  An opportunity to reset, renew and refresh our intentions. 

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The Dark Moon is said to be the best time for one to purposefully shed all that does not serve us.  To let go of the old and prepare our intentions for that which does.  It can be anything: Knowledge, Health, Love, Prosperity, Inspiration… inviting in a new partner, a new job, a new self-supportive practice of mindfulness, a more peaceful space within which to work or live.  But, like the planting of a seed which finds itself deep in the dark earth just before bursting forth, this is said to be the best and most fertile time to plant your own intentional seeds for your future. 

Take advantage of this wonderful Equinox / Dark + New Moon energy and celebrate! Happy New Year! 



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