How To Celebrate And Honor The Full Harvest Moon

We all know the classic melody of Neil Young’s iconic song, Harvest Moon. A story of falling in love while dancing under the moonlight. Traditionally, the harvest moon is the full moon that is closest to the autumn equinox. This year, that full moon falls on September 29th. 

Just as with all full moons, it is a time to celebrate all that we have received, and think upon what we would like to release as the moon begins the process of waning. It is a time of completion: something has come to an end and a new beginning is on the horizon. The beginning of the harvest season. 

"It is a time period of self reflection and mediation."

Upon this harvest moon, we like to reflect a little more deeply. For us, this time period is a moment to release and contemplate. As we physically move indoors with the cooler weather, so too does this lunar cycle invite us to move further into our psyche. It is a time period of self reflection and mediation, thinking on all the growth cultivated over the summer months, releasing energies that no longer serve us, and being grateful for those moments that brought us joy + comfort. 

"We can be better parents, colleagues...and better friends when we make sure that our own cup is cleansed and refilled."

We often think of the harvest period as being a time for gathering. And it is true. However, we believe that this is the beginning of what will be a long, beautiful and celebratory gathering season. To us, this starts with gathering one’s thoughts and one’s self. Through prioritizing and focusing internally on oneself, even just for a moment a day, we are better able to welcome the gathering of friends and family with a whole heart. We can be better parents, colleagues, siblings, children, and better friends when we make sure that our own cup is cleansed and refilled. 

"Take a moment to pause and proud of all that you have accomplished."

So before the craziness of the months ahead kick in, take a moment to pause, relax, reflect and release. See the changes that you’ve made, recognize your growth, have patience for yourself in the moments when life is difficult, and be proud of all that you have accomplished.