The Winter Solstice

I LOVE the winter months.

I anticipate them with excitement each year!

Not just because I look forward to celebrating the Holiday Season.

But because I honestly love winter!  

There… I said it.

In a world where most adulate sun and heat and “endure” the winter months (except for the odd days of skiing), I am completely seduced by winter weather and relish the beauty of crisp days, cold nights and white landscapes. It’s a time that offers equal parts peace and reflection as well as revelry and celebration.  It quiets the soul, cleanses the air and rests the mind. 

One of the days I look forward to most is the Winter Solstice, December 21st , the shortest day of the year + the first day of winter. Rooted in ancient religions, it was a day to celebrate the “re-birth” of sunlight after the darkest day.

winter sunrise

It inspires me to take a moment to breathe, settle in and focus on the simple pleasure + joyful acceptance of where I am in the world, even if just for a moment. Away from all the merriment.  Without the obligations of de rigeur resolutions due on January 1st, 11 days later.  

 It’s a moment where I exhale.  Without judgement.  A moment of just being happy to be.

Traditionally, each year, I light a candle and enjoy a peaceful moment of meditation when I wake followed by a celebratory winter meal with a handful of family + friends, an intimate gathering with a fire and a glass of wine, all in the comfort and familiarity of my home. 

Just being . Just exhaling.  Just allowing.  

Before the larger revelry is upon us.

May you find that moment for yourself.  

May you create your own ritual. 

In your own familiar space. 

And settle into the wonderful warmth of the energy of winter.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Winter Solstice.

May you enjoy the darkness before the swift return to sunlight and the lengthening of days.