Unique Hostess Gifts For The Holidays

The Gifts That Your Host Didn't Know That They Needed...

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is attending all the fabulous parties. From intimate gatherings, to evening drinks extravaganzas, to  staying with family for the holidays, we love it all. Often it's difficult to know what to get these fabulous hosts that's thoughtful, beautiful, and hopefully, useful. These are some of our favorite options for those occasions and those hosts throughout the season. 

Firelighter Set

Available in varying colorways, this beautifully packaged, non-toxic firelighter set is the perfect hostess gift for a small together. Your host will thank you for giving them something so thoughtful and practical. 

Electric, Rechargeable Lighter

A game changer for anyone who loves candles, but who already has (and will be receiving) every candle under the sun. Available in multiple colors, this lighter comes with it's own charging cord and even has a light as part of the device to help you find the wick when lighting candles outside or late at night.

Organic, Plant-Based Hand Wash

It's our best selling hostess gift for a reason. This combined with it's sister product, the hand and body lotion is a show stopper. With amazing, clean ingredients, this hand wash does not dry out your hands, like most hand washes do, and leaves your hands clean and smelling amazing.

Organic Hand & Body Lotion

The sister product to the hand lotion, this plant-based, organic, lotion will leave your hands silky smooth, and feeling like you've been to a spa. Founded to heal the owner's severe eczema, the lotion is gentle on the skin and doesn't leave a greasy or oily residue, like many hand lotions. 

Heavenly Toffees

So delicious, they may not actually make it to your host's home. We love giving these toffees because they're something for everyone to enjoy. Available in varying flavors, just make sure that your guest isn't allergic to nuts!

Refillable Candles By ADM

We love iconic, Parisian fragrance house, Amanda De Montal for many reasons. For one, her candles all smell sublime, stopping people in their tracks when they walk into our store. Secondly, her fragrances are easily refillable. When you're done with one candle, simply remove the base of the wick, and insert the refill of your choice (you can even change fragrances).


An Ice Bucket Fit For A Party

For year-round entertaining, this stunning ‘champagne’ bucket is double walled to keep the chill inside, but also to make it easy to move, it needs be, mid extravaganza. It can fit up to 2 bottles inside, to keep the drinks chilled and the party going all night long. 

The Love Dove

The sweetest gift, each one comes with their own note that you can custom write, roll up, and fit in the tag on the side, so the dove can “send” a sweet message to the receipient. Use them as a paper weight, door stop, something sweet to adorn your shelf, or even as an “emotional support animal”.

Punny Cocktail Napkins

These cocktail napkins are always a hit. Whether as a gift just as they are, or to be combined with a bottle of alcohol or some other bar accessory, choose from a myriad of animal puns. 

Game Boards

Games are a great universal gift that appeals to all ages. It's also something for you to be able to enjoy with your host, if you're staying for more than just a holiday dinner. From backgammon, to cards, to chess, to ludo, choose from a large selection of games and styles.

The Ultimate Hosting Accessory

This paddle bowl set is equal parts functional, beautiful and easy to store. To use for serving olives, nuts, dips for your crudité and more, it's a great, thoughtful, and useful gift for someone who is the constant entertainer.

Bauble Stocking

A very sweet and beautiful holiday gesture, these handmade, needle point stockings are a lovely a thoughtful housewarming or hostess gift. Buy one for the family, or buy one for each family member. Gift them as is, or include a gift card, a sweet note, a pack of cards or something else inside. Available in mulitple designs.

Chic Barware

Something to break out and use right away, we love the look and feel of this gorgeous whiskey decanter. It's classic feel and modern design is perfect for every home and every bar. If you're  looking to offer a more significant gift, complete it with a set of matching whiskey glasses or DOF glasses.

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