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Article: A Guide To Effortless Holiday Hosting.

a festive holiday table

A Guide To Effortless Holiday Hosting.

A Guide To Effortless Holiday Hosting.

The holiday season is something we look forward to each year.. Everyone is in high spirits, there are beautiful lights throughout neighborhoods and cities, the shop windows are the best that they’ve looked all year, and there’s an air of festive spirit in everyone you meet as you exchange “Happy Holidays” with one other.


The holiday season is often also known as the hosting season. Whether you are hosting a dinner party for friends, your in laws for the holidays, or if you are someone’s guest yourself, these are our tips for effortlessly hosting, and even thriving, through the holiday season this year.

1) Never leave your decorating until the last minute.

Everyone loves holiday decor throughout the season. We often like to have our formal dining table set throughout the month of December as something festive to enjoy and so we know that we’re prepared for any dinner party.


2) Find festive tabletop accessories that can be used beyond the holidays.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a table appear festive. Finding something that can also dual function to make a beautiful tabletop year round or during special occasions is always something we strive for.

3) Revive the bar.

Although we all have excuses to entertain year round, the holiday season is arguably our favorite time to host people. With that, make sure that your bar is up to date with all the necessary trimmings—for alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers alike—to assist you as you serve in style through the holidays.

4) Refresh the bathroom.

Make sure that you install a fragrance (a diffuser or a candle is perfect). Check that you have enough hand wash + hand lotion as well as a clean set of hand towels.

5) What’s your guest bedroom situation?

If you’re having guests stay during the holidays, it’s great to welcome them into a refreshed space. Some of our favorite ways to do this are by changing the accent pillow, including some sort of valet on the side table or having a chic luggage rack for guests to store their bag, and as always, including some sort of fragrance in the room.

6) Look through your servingware.

Make sure to actually look through the pieces in your storage pantry. There’s nothing worse than thinking you have the perfect serving piece but then it doesn’t fit quite right, or rather not being able to find something that you swore you have!


7) Simplify with oven-to-table options.

A hosting game changer and an equally great gift for someone who loves cooking. These are some of our favorites:

8) Never show up empty handed.

It’s such and easy and simple gesture that can mean so much. Discover some of our favorite unique hostess gifts here:

Through all your festivities this winter, we wish you all a joyful holiday season!

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