The Perfect Holiday Gifts For Your In Laws

...Or any tricky recipient on your holiday list

It's that time of year again! A time of festivities and parties, of gathering together around dinner tables and fireplaces, of sharing gifts with family, friends, colleagues etc. We're sure you may have had the perfect present picked out for your wife/husband or best friend weeks ago.  But for those few individuals (like your in laws) that are seemingly impossible to buy for, we've got you covered! To make your lives easier and relieve some of the stress, discover our list of favorite gifts for your in laws, whether you're sending them a festive present to where they're celebrating or if they are hosting you this holiday season, discover some of our favorite go-to gift ideas.

For the masterful strategist

For some light hearted family fun, or a casual set for a serious player, we love this beautiful, chess board. Complete with wooden pieces, all you need is a worthy opponent to play against. 

For the art connoisseur

A striking accessory or art piece that can be used in any room of the house, we love Trudon's exclusive collection of “Les Albatres” candles. The vessels are sculpted out of a single block of alabaster, mined from a Spanish quarry that many of the late, great, European sculptors often used. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art. When the candle has fully burned, keep the vessel and buy a refill. 

For the lover of luxury

Wrapped in golf-embossed calfskin leather, this refillable lighter is a luxurious object meant for display in any elevated interior. Its sleek, long form makes it perfect for lighting hard-to-reach wicks or an elegant, contemporary element on any coffee table. It is a gorgeous gift on its own and equally striking to pair with one of our luxurious candles as a complete gift.

For the wellness guru

A beautiful selection of 10 unique aromatherapy oil blends for the shower or the bath, including popular scents such as De-Stress Mind, Deep Relax and Revive. The oils have a range of emotional and physical benefits ranging from helping you to sleep, to nourishing your skin, to reenergizing you. Each set comes with a card that briefly describes each of the oils and how best to use them. 

For the lover of finer things

A gorgeous accessory for the scotch lover or entertainer, the straight-sided, geometric shape of this rectangular decanter gives off a contemporary yet timeless feel. Made entirely by hand, it makes for a considerate gift for any man in your life. 

For the lover of unique pieces

Our favorite festive find, these handmade, needlepoint, miniature stockings, are a favorite amongst everyone. Available in a variance of colorways and motifs, you can use them as an ornament, as a napkin ring or table top decoration, you can put a gift card inside, or you can put a separate gift (like jewelry) inside. It's a great gifting tradition that can be continued through the years, as the designs are refreshed each year. For that special someone who really appreciates handcrafted pieces, this is definitely for them. 

For the cigar lover

Everyone has their vice. For the person who loves cigars, this gorgeous, handmade, ashtray and cigar holder is a beautiful way to celebrate them. Available in varying colorways, and in other models, all you need is a box of cubans to go with it!

For the lover of all things holiday

For the Christmas lover, this candle is a sophisticated olfactive blend of Siberian pine & fir tree, with base notes of myrrh & incense that bring about the very essence of the Christmas tree. There are 4 other scents available in the holiday collection, buy all 4 or select your favorite as a gift this year. 

For the cards player

A handsome and unique set of cards that is perfect for the man or woman on the go. This 100% Calfskin leather set is available in varying colorways and comes with 2 decks of high quality play cards, a scorecard and a pen to keep track of the score. A useful and thoughtful gift for someone who loves any card game. 

For the seafood savant

From lobster, to crab, to oysters and more, we love the versatile nature of this set. Made of wood and stainless steel, each set comes with two claw-shaped seafood cracker, an oyster shucking knife, long seafood forks, and narrow tines. 

For the lover of all things cashmere

We all know that past a certain age, you just want to be comfortable. For the person who loves to be wrapped up  in cashmere, as they observe everyone enjoying being together through the holidays, this sublime throw makes for an exceptional and thoughtful gift. 

For the one who has everything

A simple yet practical gift, these gorgeous, leather wrapped shoe horns are the perfect accessory for any man or woman's closet. Available in varying colorways. 

For the fine diner

Something to accessorize the table at every gathering, these laguiole steak knives are beautiful crafted and ergonomically sound. Pair it with your existing silverware regularly or when eating steak, lamb, chicken or other meats. Offered as a set of 6, as a present we recommend gifting two sets. 

For the Palm Beach Goer

A wonderful gift for the person who loves all things Palm Beach. Equally, find another title with a destination that is best suited to your in laws, ranging from Amalfi to Aspen and more!

For the entertainer

A beautiful wooden and glass dome that's perfect for displaying and preserving an array of pastries & cookies, a holiday cake or a selection of cheeses. Available in two sizes, we love this as a gift for the person who entertains or who loves to bake. 

For the one with the sweet tooth

…and the one who has everything, these toffees are simply delicious! Made from a swedish family recipe, the toffeess are mixed with roasted almonds, generously enrobed with dark chocolate, and hand sprinkled with sea salt, making them the perfect sweet gift. Be sure to buy an extra one for yourself! (you'll thank us later)

For the baker

‘Tis the season! For the person who loves baking, we love this laurel pie dish, to be used year ’round, but especially during the holiday season. Combine it with the pie or cake server or with a special recipe as a more personal and complete gift. 

For the eco luxury warrior

This exceptional line of candles is such a treat to have in any home. One of Amanda's newest scents, Armagnac Ambré, is our founder's favorite to gift and to keep. With an emphasis on being eco-conscious, the 220g and 1.1kg size candles are both refillable–when you finish the candle, remove the metal wick base, unwrap the new wax cube, and insert into the glass base. Either purchase the same scent or change the wax fragrance with the seasons. 

For all the other recipients on your list, discover our full gift guides below.