Julia Grayson's Holiday Hamper

My favorite finds this holiday season

I love the holiday season! I anticipate it with excitement each year. It’s a time that offers equal parts peace and reflection as well as revelry and celebration. It brings a palpable air of warmth, welcome + wonder that soothes + enriches the soul.

Of course, I have my favorite finds from years past + holiday gifting traditions that I love continuing to share with you, but I also find excitement + inspiration in sourcing newness for you each season. I love the nostalgic joy in happening upon new elements that captivate + delight me, much like opening a gift from Santa on Christmas morning as a child. It's in these pieces + moments that I find that instinctive short, sharp intake of breath —a feeling that I hope you experience as you wander through our spaces + browse our offerings.

Whether you are still patiently seeking the perfect gift, or if you are just starting your holiday shopping, I offer you my Christmas List of what I will be gifting (and hoping to receive) this year. 

Happy Holidays + Happy Gifting!

Sweet & Unique

Gifts for filling a stocking or giving as a small, kind gesture to a teacher, colleague, or friend.



Natural Deodorant

A longstanding family tradition for our household, I've always gifted my children deodorant in their stockings each year. This natural, clean deodorant option, from Agent Nateur, works amazingly. With the ability to act as both a deodorant and an anti-perspirant, this is one of my favorite clean deodorants on the market. 



Multi-Function Pocket Knife

Although one may traditionally think this to be a men's gift, I love the beauty + utility of a well made pocket knife. Perfect for any situation (need a screwdriver? or need to open a bottle of wine?) I have one in my car and in my kitchen drawer so I'm always prepared for whatever dire situation may arise. 



Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Toffees

In lieu of the traditional “orange” or clementine at the foot of the stocking, this delightful + delectable box of toffees is one of my favorite gifts. Make sure to have an extra box floating around to greet guests with or to add into your own stocking!



Calming Lip Therapy Balm

I love this lip balm! A newer item for us, this product has sold out in our store multiple times this year, and I can see why. The formula is so subtle and works incredibly well. I always have one in my handbag on the go. I'm going to be adding these into the stockings for all my children this Christmas.



Leather Keyring

A stylish + sophisticated keyring is the perfect gift that many wouldn’t think to buy. Ideal for someone with a new house, a first apartment or car, or anyone with refined taste and a set of keys, this one made of luxurious Napa leather is soft + supple and makes finding + keeping track of your keys so much easier.



Petite Bougie by Trudon

A festive favorite candle, I love the idea of adding something elegant + adorable into a stocking. Gabriel is a particularly popular scent in our home (and for Trudon in general) around the holiday season. 



Beard & Shave Oil

Hailing from London as a collaboration between iconic brand, Aromatherapy Associates and the luxury men's spa, Refinery, this beard & shave oil is a great stocking stuffer that I typically gift to all the men in our household. Discover the rest of the Refinery line for some other great skincare + body care products that your boys may love. 



Leather Shoehorn

Whether for a man or a woman, these have always been a popular gifting choice in my household. I've given them to my husband, my mother, my son. My son-in-law went so far as to say that it's his “favorite gift [he's] ever received”.  Available in varying colors and sizes. 



Perfect Partners Duo

Whether looking for some much needed rejuvenation during the holiday chaos or to start the new year off right, a pair of relaxing and invigorating bath + shower oils is just what the doctor ordered. Formulated for Princess Diana herself, one is deeply calming and grounding, welcoming undisturbed, restorative sleep, while the other gives a reviving boost of energy, leaving you ready to face the day ahead.



Immune Essential Oil Blend 

A calming combination of Litsea Cubeba, Ravensara, and Eucalyptus, this blend smells amazing and helps to boost your body's natural defenses. I love gifting these when we're traveling as a family for the holidays. You never know what you may be exposed to as you're flying around during the busiest time of the year.

Under-the-tree gifts

More than a stocking stuffer, but not quite the biggest on their wishlist.



Eco-Chic Throw 

Made of recycled material from cashmere, mohair and alpaca off cuts (from the producers for Givenchy, Prada + Chanel), these high end home accessories make a beautiful + thoughtful gift. Elegant + oversized, these throws are perfect for the person that loves family movie nights, curling up with a good book, or for the one that simply loves all things conscious luxury.



Leather Playing Cards Set

I gifted this handsome card set to my father for his birthday this year—a lover of card games who is constantly traveling, he couldn't have loved it more!. A sophisticated set for storing and decoratively displaying cards on a desk or coffee table when not in use, it is an equally functional piece for the person who often plays cards on the go. The holder comes with two decks and a score card + pen and is available in varying colors.



Arizona Turquoise Bracelet

For both my girls + boys, I love gifting these unique, handmade bracelets, often choosing stones that will resonate with where they are in life, no matter their age. Turquoise is a particular favorite that allows one to embrace the self through self-acceptance. It provides the insight to discover and understand oneself, while encouraging empathy. Find other stones + meanings on our website and in store. 



Calming Bath Soak

Give the gift of a luxurious and restorative spa therapy you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Deeply soothing and balancing, this Ayurvedic formula is an ancient hydrotherapy designed to relax the nervous system, dissolve stress, calm the mind and nourish and rejuvenate the body. Although I'm someone who usually prefers a shower over a bath, this is one of my favorite products that I've been introduced to this year.



Alabaster Candle

I love the beautiful, sculptural nature of these unique candles. Carved from alabaster from the same quarries used by the likes of Michelangelo, the luminescent vessels are as alluring as the scent—Trudon’s best-selling Moroccan Mint. Due to the organic nature of the alabaster, each vessel varies in tone and style, making these elements truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art.



A Luxe Lighter

I love when practical elements are made to be luxurious. Such is the case with this striking (no pun intended) lighter. I love combining this as a gift with a chic candle to make a statement. But these stunning, leather wrapped lighters are also beautiful enough to gift on their own. 



Chic Leather Bottle Cooler

I love gifting this luxurious + sleek leather wrapped, insulated bottle cooler with my favorite bottle of wine or Champagne. This pairing is my go-to gift to send to a family member or to bring when visiting someone for the holidays. 



Statement Making Servingware

A longstanding favorite of mine, these show stopping servers, made from luminous, colorful resin and reclaimed water buffalo horn, make an outstanding statement at any table. I love gifting these as a holiday gift or hostess gift, to warm-weather homeowners or newly married couples. 



Sheer Whiskey Glasses

I adored these handblown glasses from the first time I held them. Whether you’re a man or a woman, with delicate fingers or strong hands, the weight and scale of this glass feels fabulous to hold. Combine them with a bottle of scotch, or a striking decanter to make for a more significant gift. Also available as a drinking glass or highball glass in varying colorways.



Modern Whiskey Decanter

I adore the modern look and feel of this striking whiskey decanter. Mouth-blown by skilled glassblowers, the geometric shape of this rectangular decanter gives off a contemporary yet timeless feel. Combine with whiskey glasses, or give as a stand alone gift. 



Leather Valet Tray

Equal parts beautiful + functional, I've given this gift to both men and women in my family. The craftsmanship is palpable as you feel the grain of the leather, the weight of the tray and the movement of the moldable sides. I love using it as a desk accessory, a side table valet, a coffee table accessory, an entry catchall for keys—the possibilities are endless. 



The one-and-only knuckle mug

The most comfortable mug to hold in your hand, this delightful ceramic piece is alluring to look at and wonderful to use. Just slip your middle finger into the perfectly crafted handle and sip on your morning coffee or tea.

The Showstopping Gift

Luxurious and substantial presents for him or for her (and so my husband knows what to get me).



A Statement Making Jewelry Box

The jewelry box of all jewelry boxes! This beautifully crafted accessory is a luxurious and versatile piece, perfect for safe storage and an elegant display of all your jewelry and heirlooms. The handmade walnut base is covered with a striking white croc-embossed leather while the interior is lined with charcoal suede. Suitable for a man or a woman, it's an extraordinary gift.



The Region Throw

My favorite throw that could just melt in your hands! Composed of a lavish blend of 88% cashmere and 12% silk, wrap yourself in this refined layer of luxurious softness and warmth. The extraordinarily soft and light yarn is woven into a sumptuous throw that adds an elegant touch to any space. For that someone who enjoys + appreciates the finer things in life, this is the ultimate gift. 



A statement making candle

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite winter fragrance is Amanda De Montal's Armagnac Ambré. The rich scent of amber, combined with cedar wood, tonka bean, gourmand prune softly lingers through the room as you burn it. Housed in this unique, handmade, silver vessel, it's a statement making piece that can be used in any room of the house.  



Rare Aquamarine Necklace

The last piece of a rare selection of aquamarine pieces, this is one of my favorite finds. I love the depth in the tone of blue of this necklace. Metaphysically, aquamarine clears the mind + balances the emotions, creating an inner sense of serenity. A thoughtful gift for that special someone in your life. 



Game Compendium

In our household, we all love boardgames. For the lover of luxury and the lover of games, this is the ultimate gift. This board is reversible, making 4 games in one: chess, dominos, checkers + backgammon. The pieces for each game are housed in suede pouches in one of the four quadrants, revealed under the “lid”. Available in two colorways. 



Leather Lined Throw

A beautiful accent to any home, the sophisticated softness of this 100% cashmere + nappa leather lined throw is unparalleled. This combination of fine materials and refined neutral hues make it a standout addition to any style of furniture. Beautiful, breathable, and luxurious to the touch, it is one of the most iconic styles of the Alonpi collection.



Our Iconic Hurricane

The rounded shape and unique, pleated design of this mouth-blown glass and organic walnut hurricane reflects the combined beauty of nature and man's creativity. With a distinct character and an expressive use of texture and tone, it is captivating in its simplicity and sophistication. 

I hope you enjoy this curated selection of my favorite finds this holiday. And most importantly, I wish you a happy, healthy + celebratory season with friends + family, wherever you may be celebrating.