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Article: The January Reset: The Power of A Positive Mindset In Becoming Your Best Self

meditating by the water

The January Reset: The Power of A Positive Mindset In Becoming Your Best Self

Can a positive mindset & self care create long lasting changes?

At the start of each year, we feel bombarded by this “New Year, New You” pressure. Whether from companies, family, or ourselves, this time is filled with palpable pressure to start a detox, initiate exercise routines, or create other new—hopefully lasting—habits. Although these are all positive achievements to strive towards, they often come from a place of negativity. When trying to change, our commitment to improve is rarely driven through nurturing and caring, but more often through judgment and sacrifice. We tend to focus upon the public aspect of ourselves: the body + the material, and disregard the personal: the mind + the spirit. And frequently set our intentions from a negative place:

“I’m fat, I need to be skinnier”,

“I’m ugly, I need to detox / exercise”,

“I’m stupid, I need to read more”,

“I’m lazy, I need to be productive”.

At Grayson De Vere we like to think of January as a reset. However, we like to think positively. We think beyond these typical New Year’s resolutions that stem from a place of negative self thought. We see this period as a time to hibernate; a time to rest and replenish: mind, body and spirit. It is the perfect time to check in with and focus on taking care of oneself; for the month as well as the year ahead.

This commitment to prioritizing self can often be difficult because we are having to change our thought patterns. However, it is an important and necessary shift to encourage healing and positive change… starting with ourselves. 

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

- Lucille Ball

meditating by the water

So, rather than judging ourselves for what we are not, let us encourage our own nurturing of our inner selves. If we prioritize ourselves, our needs, our change, only then can we better become what we aspire to be. Whether that’s:

“I need cleaner nourishment, I’m going to take care of my body”,

“I need to release energy, I’m going to exercise”,

“I feel exhausted, I’m going to rest and take time away from screens.”

“I desire to learn more, I’m going to seek wisdom daily.”

or “My skin is dry and dull, I’m going to invest in skincare and / or habits to help heal”.

These resolutions all stem from a place of positive intent towards one’s self. It is this reset of the mind that gives one the space, the patience, and the empathy for self which is needed to create a positive and lasting shift.

incense burning

“All big things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision.”

- James Clear, Atomic Habits

So start small. Whether that’s taking a moment to check in with yourself, running a bath, starting to meditate, or even just cleansing your space and self by introducing a new incense, or candle, we invite you to incorporate elements of self care and remind yourself to love and nurture yourself each and every day.

Sharing the love through 2024.


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