Amanda De Montal

Assorted Wax Candy Box


Each small precious box contains an assortment of perfumed wax candies: A playful and completely new way to discover and diffuse different fragrances.

Created in Aubagne, Provence, France in the finest tradition of French luxury candle-making, each scented wax candy contains a precise and subtle combination of natural, plant-based waxes that encapsulate each fragrance perfectly, gently releasing them to fill any space with delightful aromas and magical memories. Bring the aromas of Gascony with you on the go with these beautifully wrapped, perfumed wax candies so you can embark on a unique, intimate, and luxurious olfactory journey, wherever you are. The perfect nomad home fragrance, simply slip one (or the whole box) in your drawer, handbag, suitcase, or in the car to refresh and bringing to life all of your spaces.

  • Each box contains 10 scented candies of varying fragrances
  • Keep candies wrapped

Amanda spent much of her childhood in the gardens of her parent's Gascony chateau. Her father, one of the world's leading producers of Armagnac, would show Amanda around the Armagnac cellars where she developed a familiarity with the perfumes as he passionately explained how, over the years, the different aromas are born. The chateau and cellars became evocative of magical memories: the smell of wood, the nobility of raw materials, the strength of a product combining lifestyle and temperament.

Amanda created Amanda de Montal and gave birth to this range of unique and indulgent fragrances as a way of sharing her unconditional love for Gascony through an object both delicate and powerful, precious and universal. Each fragrance is reflective of her personality and experience, offering a gateway into her world. They are an homage to the rural region of Gascony, a land of raw beauty with astonishing colors and rich in natural resources that offer unforgettable smells with the gift of transporting us back in time.

Each wax candy is crafted using only 100% natural, plant-based ingredients selected for their ecological and superior qualities. They contain chemical-free colorants and fragrance and are inspected at every stage of the fabrication process to ensure they are free from any toxic elements.


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