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Diffuser - Fortitudo Lignorum (IV)

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This rich and vibrant scent is inspired by the beauty and fortitude of an old house; the stone walls, the smell of past chimney fires, the lingering smoke of tobacco and incense. Frankincense, vetiver, leather, tobacco, and ashes encapsulate time and place and the strength of old memories in this unique, bold fragrance.

Made in Aubagne, Provence, France using artisanal methods, this naturally fragranced diffuser is a stunning object of art and a nod to Amanda's childhood, as are the Gascony-inspired scents. The glass container's square shape evokes that of the inkpots from her British boarding school while the wooden cap is made from Armagnac vats like those in the cellars on her parent's Gascony estate. The liquid within, which is colored according to its ingredients, encapsulates each fragrance perfectly and is consistently and continuously diffused by natural reed sticks to fill any space with delightful aromas and magical memories. A true decorative item, this diffuser takes you on a one-of-a-kind, luxurious, and intimate sensory journey, inviting the aromas of Gascony into your home and bringing your spaces to life.

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Diffuser - Fortitudo Lignorum (IV)
Diffuser - Fortitudo Lignorum (IV) Sale price$160.00