Alexis Smart

Pets Flower Remedy - Off Leash


for aggression in pets

This specially formulated flower remedy combats aggression, territorialism, biting, growling, jealousy, or wrecking the house. Through the use of natural healing from the wildflowers of the English countryside, it brings out a softer, friendlier demeanor in pets and encourages socializing and playing with other animals and people.

  • Volume: 1 fl oz
  • 100% organic, wild-harvested Bach flower essences
  • Vegan + cruelty-free
  • All formulas are supportive for rescue animals/past trauma
  • Brings out softer nature
  • Combats feeling threatened
  • Calms
  • Encourages playing with others
  • Helps to socialize animals

Pick the flower remedy that most relates to your pet's feelings and emotional state overall, at the moment. If some of the symptoms listed do not pertain to your pet, the formula will still be effective in treating the symptoms they do have. An inappropriate remedy will not hurt or cause adverse reaction.

4 drops, 4 times a day given directly by mouth or 16 drops to your pet's water/food dish daily.

The standard dose is four drops, four times a day, under the tongue. Regular use of flower remedies builds the strength of their action. Therefore, potency is increased not by taking more drops at one time, but by using them on a frequent, consistent basis. The remedies should be taken four times daily, although this may need to be increased in acute situations to once every hour, or even more often. (First Aid Kit may be used every ten minutes).

The remedies can work immediately in certain situations (First Aid Kit, Moon River and Wholehearted are fast-acting), but for long-term issues, it will take three weeks to one month to see changes. The effects of flower remedies are cumulative. Remedies must be taken as directed to feel the benefits.

Alexis Smart uses the natural healing properties of the wildflowers of the English countryside to create restorative formulas that cleanse, uplift, and transform one's mental state. Safe and gentle, flower essences have been used since the 1930s for their ability to restore emotional positivity. Each bottle contains a proprietary formula of flower essences based on the original 38 remedies of Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, who discovered the powerful healing properties contained in the extracts of flowers. Alexis Smart initially created these special formulas for her clients during years of private practice and now strives to share her knowledge with the world.

Handcrafted with organic, vegetable glycerin, spring water, and a proprietary blend of organic, wild-harvested Bach flower essences.


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