White Sage WandA purifying bundle of white sage, traditionally used for smudging and energy cleansing. Its aromatic essence is known for restoring balance, purifying the air, and creating a serene atmosphere.
Resina De BreuResina De Breu is natural resin known for its healing aromatherapy benefits. When burned, Breu releases a rich woodsy scent that has an uplifting and calming effect.
Smokeless Incense - PurifySmokeless incense sticks releasing aromatic scents, while inducing a purifying effect, all without producing visible smoke. Packed in a white box.
A harmonious blend of uplifting essential oils, thoughtfully crafted to provide a sense of energy and vitality, perfect for moments of travel. Packed in a 5 ml bottle.
A 30 ml bottle of healing wildflowers from English countryside,  helping with negative energy, physical and mental tension.
Sal De Banho Bath SaltsDetoxifying blend for soothing relaxation and tension relief. Sal De Banho Bath Salts will help you glide into a peaceful night sleep.

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