Dried Quince SlicesDried Quince Slices, vibrant and rich in texture, bring both visual appeal and a delicate fragrance, adding a natural sweetness to your home decor.
Dried Cinnamon Stick BundleThe aromatic scent brings a cozy charm and warmth, evoking a feeling of home, especially during the holidays. Infuse your surroundings with the comforting dried cinnamon sticks.
Sugar Pine ConeSugar Pine Cone
Whole Dried OrangesWhole Dried Oranges are delights that infuse your space with a refreshing aroma and vibrant orange hue, adding a bright and invigorating touch to any setting.
Dried PomegranateDried Pomegranate rich in color and texture, adding a unique deep red touch to your arrangements.
Protea - RedA striking red protea blossom, adds deep, rich hues and unique texture to bouquets, arrangements, and decorative displays.
Jeffrey Pine ConeThese round pinecones add a touch of nature to any space, when placed decoratively in a glass vessel, or bowl, infusing color, texture, and a delightful sense of the outdoors.
These pheasant feathers bring a touch of nature's elegance to your home. With their rich hues and intricate patterns, these feathers will make even ordinary interior captivating and unique.

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