A harmonious blend of soothing essential oils,  designed to ease muscle tension and provide a sense of relief and relaxation. Packed in 5 ml bottle.
Ultrasonic Diffuser - WoodElegant wood diffuser that releases essential oils through ultrasonic technology.
Essential Oil Roll-On - ImmuneA powerful blend of immune-boosting essential oils designed to support your body's natural defenses. Packed in 5 ml, portable roll-on bottle.
Essential Oil Blend - FocusA precise fusion of invigorating scents, designed to enhance concentration, productivity, and mental clarity. Packed in a 5 ml bottle.
A harmonious blend of uplifting essential oils, thoughtfully crafted to provide a sense of energy and vitality, perfect for moments of travel. Packed in a 5 ml bottle.
A harmonious blend of immune boosting essential oils, designed to support and strengthen the body's natural defense mechanisms. Packed in a 5 ml bottle.

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