The Manifesting Power of the Total Solar Eclipse

Unless you have been on a retreat from all modes of public communication lately, you will have heard by now that on Monday, April 8th, there will be a Total Eclipse of the Sun. We have the rare honor of experiencing the path of “Totality” across 15 states from Texas to Maine. Those of us in other parts of the USA will still be able to experience a beautiful partial eclipse.


While the focus of this event is definitely on the “Solar” part of the eclipse, it is important to remember that the orbit of the Moon, in tandem with the Earth and Sun, is the cause!

A Solar Eclipse can occur only during a New Moon.

The New Moon phase is when the moon is aligned between the earth and sun so that the sun’s light cannot illuminate the surface of the moon visible to the earth. The New Moon occurs once every 28 days or so but a Total Solar Eclipse—when the alignment is so precise that the moon completely obscures the sun from earth’s view—is only seen once every 400 years or so from any singular place on earth.


Each New Moon, when the moon is at its darkest, is a symbol of new beginnings, transformations, and energetic growth. It is the time to reset, introspect, and manifest. We, at GDV, always look forward to each month’s new moon as it offers the opportunity for setting new intentions and shedding old patterns.

As you can imagine, a new moon during a Solar Eclipse offers a far more impactful opportunity for transformation. This celestial phenomenon is considered a powerful spiritual event. It supercharges the energy typically experienced during a new moon.


So, whether you are in the path of totality or not, before, during or after you watch the Solar Eclipse - with Eclipse-watching-safety-glasses of course - join us in creating a moment to breathe, to be present, to ground yourself, to be introspective, to cleanse your energy, and set your intentions for the weeks and months ahead.

To help you to take full advantage of the energy clearing of this beautiful and rare Total Solar Eclipse + New Moon experience such as White Sage for cleansing spaces, Quartz Crystals for clearing energy, Flower Remedies + Essential Oils to help heal and shift towards greater balance, and more in-store, each starting from only $25!

Happy Total Solar Eclipse!


Sage Smudging

Sage smudging is an ancient method of clearing + cleansing energy, used all over the world for centuries. Burn sage to help release negativity, ground you, and reset your energy for a new beginning.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal is a powerful, multidimensional stone with the ability to enhance mental clarity, clear one’s energy field, and amplify intentions. When one focuses intentions, Clear Quartz Crystal can be programmed towards these intentions to help achieve any inner or outer goals one sets. It brings clarity to thoughts and a sense of purpose which helps overcome confusion when one is seeking answers—the perfect stone for setting your intentions and creating your fresh start during the solar eclipse.

Flower Remedies

This specially formulated flower remedy provides direction and fulfillment, helping you find and follow your true path, the perfect aid for setting intentions and embracing a new beginning during the solar eclipse.

Resina De Breu

Cleanse your home space with Breu Blanco. Used for centuries to enhance peace of mind, focus, and to balance the 6th chakra, Breu is a natural resin that grows in the jungles of Brazil and is revered for its healing aromatherapy benefits. Sourced sustainably, burning Breu releases a complex, woodsy aroma of rich earth and crushed leaves that helps to purify and reinstate harmony to a room.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a purifying and grounding stone that connects to the root chakra. It helps to purify our chakras, assist in letting go of fear, anxiety and chaotic energy, and balances and grounds our physical and emotional bodies, aligning the varying aspects of our energetic selves. This stone is great for cleansing and refreshing energy to better manifest your intentions.

Essential Oil Blends

This restorative, balancing, and cleansing essential oil blend helps you to ground, clear, and reset your mind and body.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Aromatherapy is one of the best proven ways to naturally calm the nervous system and shift the energy of one’s self and space. Diffuse single essential oils or pre-blended oils in this stunning ultrasonic diffuser—we recommend the detox, energy, or relax blends.