Happy Lunar New Year! Welcoming The Year of the Tiger

year of the tiger

Happy Lunar New Year!

The celebration of the Chinese New Year, otherwise known as the Spring Festival, has an over 4000 year history. Starting today and culminating with the Spring Lantern Festival in 15 days time, the Lunar New Year is the longest and one of the most celebrated holidays in Chinese culture.

Similar to astrology, there are 12 Symbols in the Chinese Zodiac. However, instead of one sign per month there is one animal per year.  This year, 2022 sees the return of the Year or the Tiger. If your age is a multiple of 12 this year, you fall under the Tiger sign, known to be king of all beasts in China.

For the world at large, many people in Chinese culture are hoping the year of the Tiger will bring good health, prosperity and joy. According to Eddy Keming Chen, philosophy professor and faculty member of the Chinese Studies Program at UCSD, “the Year of the Ox brought vaccines to a global pandemic and many hope the Lunar New Year will bring healing and joy with the Year of the Tiger.”

For those whose birth year was also the year of the Tiger, there are some contradicting opinions. Some believe that people feel at home during their birth year which will enable them to easily tackle whatever challenges confront them throughout the year. Others believe that the year of one’s birth sign is one of the most unlucky years. Some even believe that your zodiac year is a cursed year. 

Having said that, there are many exciting aspects about this year and about people born in the year of the tiger for us all to look forward to. 

What does the Year of the Tiger mean?

Fortune: Tigers tend to be strong, focused and determined signs. Their ability to think on their feet enables them to make anything happen.

Personality + Characteristics: People born in the Year of the Tiger are brave, competitive, unpredictable, and confident. Although they are charming and well liked, they sometimes possess a stubborn and authoritative demeanor. Because of this, they are candle anything that comes their way and are competent leaders. 

Career Fit: Because of their strength, resilience and competitiveness, Tigers are born leaders. They are fully capable of achieving anything in any career they desire, especially after the age of 30. 

Success will come in the form of:

Career: Your efforts will be rewarded and recognized. Success will flourish in the workplace, yielding benefits of all kinds. Hard work will be rewarded and perhaps even a promotion is on the horizon! Be careful not to be boastful of your achievements.

Wealth: Despite the positive growth within their career, this year you are advised to be cautious and reasonable with monetary issues. 

Love: In terms of love, this year is a great year to think about sealing the deal. For those who are single, there will be several opportunities to find that special someone. 

Most compatible with: Horse, Dog, Pig


Color: orange, black, and blue

Numbers: 1, 3, and 4 (as well as this combinations e.g. 13, 14, 43, etc)

Flowers: yellow lily, cineraria

Years of the Tiger

February 13, 1926 – February 1, 1927 / January 31, 1938 – February 18, 1939 / February 17, 1950 – February 5, 1951 / February 5, 1962 – January 24, 1963 / January 23, 1974 – February 10, 1975 / February 9, 1986 – January 28, 1987 / January 28, 1998 – February 15, 1999 / February 14, 2010 – February 2, 2011 / February 1, 2022 – January 21, 2023