Joseph Brooks

Apatite, Turquoise, Aquamarine + Chrysocolla Wrap Bracelet


intuition, wisdom, communication

Believed to be a cleansing influence on the auric fields and a stimulant to visionary states due to its vibrations that enhance psychic and paranormal abilities. These qualities also make it a stone of inspiration + intuition through its ability to enable connection + communication with the subconscious creating access to knowledge and understanding for creative problem solving. Blue Apatite can be very uplifting and bring clarity in communication.

Found in Brazil, Russia and Southeast Asia.


communication, self-acceptance, empathy

Turquoise is a stone that allows us to embrace the self through self-acceptance. It provides us with the insight to discover the wholeness of oneself and awareness of our personal truth. It also encourages empathy: as we become more understanding over ourselves, we too can be more understanding of others. Connected with the throat chakra, turquoise is a powerful stone of communication that empowers us to open our minds and speak our truth.

Found in Arizona, USA


serenity, balance, motivation, communication

Aquamarine clears the mind + balances the emotions, creating an inner sense of serenity. Historically in lore this stone was thought to be the treasure of mermaids and was believed to be a talisman bringing luck and fearlessness to the carrier. Aquamarine activates the throat chakra and helps to create clear communication either vocally or through creative expression by connecting with one's highest personal truth. The calming energy of Aquamarine can provide courage, guidance and even motivation when moving through a difficult transition in one's life by removing resistance created by fear of the unknown.

Found in Brazil, Afghanistan and Pakistan.


feminine energies, level headedness, wisdom

This stone associated with the feminine energies of the goddess archetype brings about a harmonious balance and connection with the natural world. Chrysocolla is recognized as a "teaching stone" allowing for the flow of knowledge gained from personal experiences. It emanates both gentleness and power bringing level headedness + giving insight and guidance as one traverses stressful and difficult obstacles in our lives. Chrysacolla is connected to the throat chakra. It improves communication of feelings which then shield + encourage the mind during negotations + discussions.

Found in Arizona, Peru and Chile.

  • Color: Blue + Gold
  • Stone: Apatite, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Chrysocolla
  • Size / Stone: 8mm, smooth cut
  • Cord: Adjustable nylon bracelet
  • Bracelet wraps three times around the wrist to create a "stacked" look with a spherical center stone.
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California
  • Color + shape may vary
  • Opens third eye + throat chakras
  • Powerful stones of communication
  • Enlightens + balances us through self-acceptance, understanding of self + others
  • Provides motivation + fearlessness
  • Can be very energetically calming + pacifying
  • Enhances one's feminine energies

Joseph Brooks, a jewelry designer based in Hollywood, embodies sensuality, strength, and raw beauty in his handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces. With an interest in stone properties and energies, every piece in his extensive line highlights the true essence of each handpicked stone.

Drawn initially to American turquoise, which is difficult to find in a world of mostly fake and dyed stones, Joseph located a mine in northern Arizona whose owners had been operating and producing spectacular turquoise since 1962. This inspired Joseph to begin designing a jewelry collection featuring this signature Southwest stone.

A devoted international birdwatcher, Joseph's passion has brought him all around the world in hopes of spotting yet another rare species. These travels have also served as an opportunity for Joseph to find gem treasures such as sapphires in Sri Lanka, banded agates in Java, prayer beads on the Tibetan plateau, or fossils in Madagascar. Over time, his collection has grown, now including over 70 different natural un-dyed gems and crystals.


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