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Article: Alonpi: The Story Of Conscious Luxury Cashmere From The Italian Alps

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Alonpi: The Story Of Conscious Luxury Cashmere From The Italian Alps

How Two Design Lovers Developed The Softest "Lifestyle Cashmere" And Became A Conscious Luxury Phenomenon

We all love the sumptuous feel of cashmere. Whether in the form of a throw, soft slippers on our feet, or head to two in a complete cashmere set, it is the ultimate feeling of luxury to be dripping in cashmere. However, the quality of varying cashmeres is palpable. From the thickness, to the texture, to the consistency of the weave, these aspects can vary significantly from brand to brand. No single brand has impressed us more when it comes to quality than Alonpi.

We first discovered Alonpi in Paris several years ago. A small operation created and run by Alfredo Magliola and Gian Pietro Tonel, we were blown away by the unparalleled look and texture of their luxurious textiles and clear expertise of their craft. It wasn’t until we learned more about the story behind their awe-inspiring creations and unique process that we knew that Alonpi was a GDV brand.

Founded in the 1980s, Alonpi began in Biella, a picturesque mountain city, tucked away in the Italian alps. Biella is known as the capital of Italian luxury textiles. The raw cobblestone streets, the pure, alpine waters running through the rivers, the clean, oxygenated mountain air: these are the key ingredients in the creation of Alonpi's signature, cloud-like, "lifestyle cashmere" that has become so revered and coveted over the years. 

Brought together by their shared love for art, fashion and high quality design, Alfredo and Gian Pietro were inspired to create pieces that married together the traditional artisinal techniques found in Biella while developing and using refined technical enhancements to further improve the quality of their pieces. The result is astounding.

After years of testing and technical mastery of their craft, Alonpi is now at the forefront of cashmere research and development, producing the finest quality blankets, throws, and apparel. Their unique combination of tradition and innovation has allowed the duo to create a line of products with an unparalleled sense of luxury that has been praised all over the world. As a result, Alonpi has also created unique pieces for some of the most well regarded design houses in the world including Chanel and Hermes.

Sewing techniques
Instagram: Alonpi
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Instagram: Alonpi

Each of their designs is made to highlight and honor the sumptuous softness and quiet elegance of modern, Italian design. Most importantly, through their continued development, an awareness for their environmental impact has remained. To us, Alonpi is what is known as a true conscious luxury brand. Each piece is made from natural fibers that are environmentally and ethically sourced. The natural elements surrounding them, like the alpine water, that contribute to the sublime quality of their pieces, are left clean and pure, in keeping with Alonpi's commitment to the environment. Their use of eco-friendly practices throughout the production process is one of the many aspects of Alonpi that drew us to them in the first place. 

White Throw
Instagram: Alonpi
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Instagram: Alonpi

Through learning to fuse together old techniques with modern technology, and working to constantly push the boundaries of luxurious, Italian design, Alonpi have evolved into a brand that is in a league of its own. With an uncompromising level of sophistication, irresistible quality, superior texture, and a commitment to conscious luxury, Alonpi and their creations are elegant, enduring and statement making.

Our Favorite Alonpi Pieces

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