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Article: Add Up-cycling to your Environmental Consciousness with GDV The Back Room


Add Up-cycling to your Environmental Consciousness with GDV The Back Room

In 2020, the concept of home completely shifted. Home went from being a place we returned to at the end of the day - to relax and sleep and occasionally entertain - to being our whole world - where we not only slept and relaxed, but also worked, played, cooked, socialized and exercised, all while safely sequestering.

With this shift came sudden awareness of the current interior we were occupying and, then, that which we sought to live in. The problems + eyesores that we always planned to ‘get around to’ suddenly became an immediate focus on our minds. 


In the 12 months following the onset of Covid, furniture and appliance spending grew from $373 billion to $405 billion annually as a result of this newfound drive to refresh, update, and beautify one’s home. As many of you may have experienced personally, supply was unable to keep up with this drastic increase in demand, resulting in lengthy lead times.  Many chose to turn instead towards up-cycling: the art of using re-purposed, consigned + vintage furnishings to meet their needs. This shift in purchasing trends, born out of convenience, quickly became an upscale and on trend means of acquiring furnishings. Homeowners found unique, one-of-a-kind, and readily available pieces to outfit their homes with the amazing benefit of reducing one’s environmental impact.

Furniture is one of the largest waste categories in the U.S, generating more than 12 million tons of waste in landfills every year, according to 2018 data by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Purchasing consigned, vintage or sustainable pieces, significantly lowers this number.

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Whether re-designing one’s entire living space or hoping to find that eye-catching decorative piece that will complete your look and wow your guests, shoppers continue to seek out, up-cycled furniture with no signs of slowing down. The impact on the environment of this shift towards up-cycling/recycling home furnishings is deeply significant and is directly dependent on our willingness to continue to seek + honor great existing design. 

 At Grayson De Vere, we always offer the highest level of sustainably sourced and socially positive home + lifestyle products available in both the home furnishings and wellness arenas. To further our positive impact on the environment, however, we have launched a dedicated pop-up, The Back Room, located at 48 W. Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT, near our flagship store, which offers a carefully curated selection of vintage and floor model designer furnishings that are forever stylish, stunning and sophisticated. 

In honor of Earth Day, today, April 22nd, we inspire you to hunt + gather elements for your home that offer the added benefit of preserving the environment. So, whether purchasing from The Back Room or from online retailers like Chairish, Kaiyo or 1stdibs, or from Facebook Marketplace, celebrate your own personal style through up-cycled furnishings that will transcend time and complete your own space stylishly + environmentally. 

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