5 Mistakes I Would Never Make When Setting A Table

The art of table setting is something near and dear to our hearts at Grayson De Vere. Each year, we enjoy pulling together all sorts of organic, decorative and statement elements to create the perfect, celebratory table. Although many often ask us "what do I need to do to create the perfect table?", an equally as important question is "what should I NOT do, to create a beautiful table scape?"

Some of the most important considerations when thinking about your table are: what pieces do you already have? What seasonal items might you want to include?What accent color (if there is one) do you have or would you like to see featured on your table? What holes do you have in what you are trying to achieve? 

If you have the answers to these questions, you're already well ahead of the game! Our "cardinal rules of what not to include on your table" can then help you to refine these initial ideas, and get you closer to a finished concept. 

The Cardinal Rules Of What Not To Include On Your Table

1) Never set a table without real candles

Whether you use pillars, votives or tapers, it always makes for a far more special gathering.

2) Never use paper napkins or plates

The only time we would use paper napkins and plates is for a picnic, and even then, we would prefer to choose more sustainable items such as bamboo plates.

3) Never use cut flowers

Unless they're flowers from your very own garden, cut flowers are very expensive and they don't often last. We far prefer potted plants and preserved branches (as you can see above).

4) Never have too little cutlery

The last thing you want to do is to have to go and wash the knives in between all courses.

5) Never set a table last minute

We love being creative with my tables. It's definitely one of the few things you can do for a dinner party well ahead of time. It leaves you all the flexibility to be able to get yourself ready and get whatever you're serving ready before the guests arrive. 

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