Mizuho Brush Company

Suvé Hard Body Brush - Long


This hard body brush is crafted from the finest pig, goat, and synthetic hairs for massaging with strong resistance to stimulate, exfoliate, and tighten skin. With a sleek and comfortable wooden handle—for massaging those harder to reach places—and hairs sorted and placed by hand so that they all point the same way and do not irritate, these award-wining brushes will leave your skin feeling invigorated and refreshed.

  • Hair: Pig, goat, + PBT resin
  • Wood: Walnut
  • Made in Japan

Apply hot water and a small amount of soap to the tip of the brush and brush your skin using wide, circular motions, or use as a dry brush to gently exfoliate and detox the skin. It is recommended to use soap with natural ingredients as it is easy to damage the original oil of the natural hair of the brush with chemicals. Do not use soaps that contain scrub elements. The brush is also highly recommended for dry brushing and for foot care.

The Mizuho Brush Company is one of the leading manufacturers of Japanese face and body brushes. Founded in Kumano, "Mizuho", a respected term in Japan, means "fresh ears of rice” — just as the ears of rice are the vital part of the rice crop, the hair tip is the most vital part of a brush. Depending on the intended usage of the brush, they use different types of animal hair—pony, sable, squirrel, weasel, and goat—combined with synthetic PBT resin for support to create softness and performance unachievable by mass-produced synthetic hair. As the most essential part of the brush, each hair is carefully hand-selected and combined, the proficient handling of which takes approximately 10 years for an artisan to master. Mizuho's philosophy is based on the continuation of traditional craftsmanship and age-old techniques. Combining these traditional techniques with modern, innovative designs, they define their brushes as symbols for women’s ageless beauty.


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