Design should always be about how it makes you feel. 

Principle designer, Julia Grayson, always has an immediate emotive response to a property from the moment she enters.  Most often, it is the light and scale of a space that she senses as she first walks through. 

Though Grayson De Vere has what is often seen as a signature style of organic layering within a tailored outline, we always draw from the best of a property when interpreting the space. Light, scale and flow are the stage. The rest can be created.

We create captivating spaces that are honed to suit both client and property.  Our iconic interiors are powerful in their subtlety and seamless in their depth resulting in effortlessly unique and tonally immersive spaces.  Each project incorporates our energy and ethos founded in sustainable and responsible sourcing and holistic and organic production. 

Our Design Studio is on call to create, oversee and manage all design projects, however large or small, near or far.  Our strong team of designers led by Julia Grayson has successfully installed interiors for clients ranging from Europe to the Hamptons, from Connecticut to California.  Whether designing and sourcing for one piece, one room or an entire property, we look forward to assisting you.

Please email or call us on 203.769.5488 for additional information or to make an appointment.