Grayson De Vere

Grayson De Vere is the fresh luxury interior design firm dedicated to providing inspirationally sourced and internationally sought-after Interior Elements as well as offering a full range of bespoke Interior Design services and sophisticatedly chic Luxury Staging. 

Our Interior Design Boutique, GDV i.e., located at 23 Lewis Street in Greenwich, CT, offers Interior Elements gathered from around the globe as well as GDV's line of custom furnishings inspired from our travels and created through our in house design studio. 

The Design Studio, with satellite offices in London and the Hamptons, houses a creative team led by Julia Grayson, CEO and founder, and supported by a strong professional design staff.  Grayson De Vere's 200,000+ cubic foot warehouses located in Port Chester, NY, enable us to swiftly facilitate custom interiors, respond to trade inquiries, satisfy private client requests as well as offer the premier luxury staging group in the greater Greenwich area. 

Stemming from our passion to strikingly transform properties to be the best version of themselves, Grayson De Vere is proud to be the premier Luxury Staging and Property Consultation Service in Greenwich, Ct.   Offering Re-design and Renovation services as well, we are able to transition any home to be captivating and market ready in quick order. Each of our services, or any combination, empower homeowners to optimize how the market interprets their property, thereby generating interest and creating value.  Grayson De Vere's design focus is centered on the goal of achieving the greatest interest, the highest value, and the swiftest sale for your property possible. We are uniquely able to interpret properties and capture buyer interest through our unique brand of luxury residential stagings.   

Our success and growth as a design and staging firm is driven by our in-house efforts as well as our extensive breadth of specialists, vendors, artists + artisans who enable us to offer our clients the most effective service across all spectrums of property, home and staging design.

Whether within our Interior Design or Luxury Staging role, we tailor each project to interpret and highlight the best aspect of a space and suit it for the client's unique living style, creating modern interiors that are memorable and immersive.  The result is always indelibly smooth and purposeful in its impact.  Our signature organic layering offers versatility, depth and vitality and underscores the intentional emotive response chosen depending on the room's use.

Grayson De Vere's  striking interiors are inspired by our founder's passion for design and drawn from her experience of being raised in Manhattan, loving Montana and living in Europe for over 20 years.   Her effortless eye is admired for being in tune with each property, offering all residences , including Townhouses, Mountain Cabins, Neo-Georgians, Mid-Centuries and Victorians, the opportunity to be captivatingly chic and effortlessly stylish.  

Julia Grayson

CEO/Principle Designer

Julia Grayson began her career in Interior Design whilst residing in the UK.  

A former Investment Banker who retired to focus on raising a young family, Julia pursued her interest in architecture and design, studying at Sotheby's London, The Inchbald School of Design, and The New York School of Interior Design.  Since then, Julia has successfully driven and implemented architectural renovation, interior design and staging projects for dozens of private residences and private offices in both the UK and the USA.  Her true passion, however, which drives GDV's chic and fresh approach to design, is the ability to hunt and gather and the sense of delight she feels in successfully transforming any space, however large or small, through her unique talent.  

Having moved back to the USA in 2013, Julia found herself challenged in selling a former home.   She discovered that her sourcing and styling skills worked to tangibly transform rooms and translate them into beautiful promises of a life well lived, empowering a stronger and swifter sale compared to other houses on the market!  Since then, Grayson De Vere has dedicated itself to provide custom Luxury Staging, Consultation and Property Renovation Services to clients in the greater Greenwich, New York and Hamptons areas in addition to our interior design clients.  Our unparalleled position as the premier staging company in the market is driven by our strong foundation in Interior Design, and Design Consultation, our understanding of business and the real estate market as well as our impeccable inventory of furnishings that create a broker's awareness and a buyer's understanding of the property, its value and the  lifestyle offered. 

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Our Logo

The Goddess Victory

When living in London, our founder, Julia Grayson, always went out of her way to pass her favorite monument, The Goddess Victory in her Quadriga standing atop the Wellington Arch in Hyde Park Corner. While stopped in traffic, she would capture its image from her window with her iPhone, collecting  photos in sun, rain, sleet and snow.  The silhouette of the iconic monument became her touchstone.  

Originally named 'Triumph' by the creator of the London sculpture, Victory is driven by a Quadriga, an ancient chariot drawn by 4 horses.  Her quiet strength and calm,  accompanied by a certain stridency and purpose, is a fitting emblem for Grayson De Vere.  Mirroring her,  we seek to serve property owners by taking on and strategically resolving design challenges  and confidently presenting the absolute best version of their home to the market. 

Also known as Nike, Victory often appears as a stamp of quality and a guarantee of authenticity.  She represents winning against all odds.  

Victory offers the promise of success.