At Grayson De Vere,  we are passionate about design. 

Not just visually.  But empathically.

We design spaces that are meant for living, and living well.

We create our spaces with beauty and balance, and perhaps a hint of irreverence, to influence our everyday lives as well as support performance, wellness and purpose.

When one walks into a well-designed room, one is immersed.  One can sense the quiet strength, the intention, the energy of the space.  One is inspired to linger. This subtle response is what we seek from all our design work; An immediate sense of pleasure, comfort, energy, purpose, wellness, calmness, confidence and strength all wordlessly spoken through our holistic design. 

We achieve this by combining luxurious layers within organically immersive spaces to inspire ones lifestyle.

We seek to create balance, offer enjoyment and provide lasting pleasure.

We look forward to our designs inspiring your way of living.

Grayson De Vere offers interior design services, design consultation and luxury staging services through our Design Studio in Greenwich, CT, our Warehouse in Port Chester, NY, and our new Interior Elements Boutique, GDV i.e., at 23 Lewis Street in Greenwich, CT.



The Alchemy of Design